She is

6ca76c78d5940681e00439aa8bb0367cShe is

over four turns of the dial

still warm in cold night

breasts rising slow in gentle point

thin arm thrown above

open reddened mouth in silent word

forming answers beneath waves

arranging dreamworld

her thin clavicle

a legacy necklace sharp in time

moving toward final curtsy

she fills the whispering room

with life even when unaware

her power is in the finish

shining like wet tears

on taut skin

she owns the feathered night

in silence she is

more beautiful than waking

and dawn can ever be

for her magic belongs to

that dark songbird

never seen



12 thoughts on “She is

  1. Wow. I don’t have the words. I’ve been lost in the fog all day trying to find a way out…and your light appeared, shining high and bright, guiding me towards actual life. You are fucking everything, my sister, my twin xoxo

  2. I woke up thinking how inspiring you were And how much i genuinely admired and liked you and i wrote this. It’s just the tip of the iceberg sister, you are the queen of dragons ♡ don’t ever fear losing your light, we all see it, it is fierce and beautiful ♡

  3. Dearest Girl, thank you so much my friend xo I had to re-do my blog so everyone who was following me no longer is, but hopefully they will join back. I am grateful to you my friend, happy new year for tomorrow xo

  4. Isn’t it gorgeous? I found it, I felt it looked like Nathalie so since the poem is about her, I thought the picture would go well also. I was going to embarrass her and use one of her, but I couldn’t do that so this was second-place. A combination of Nathalie and Manon.

  5. aw I re-read this and I found I missed you because it seems time is our enemy and we don’t talk like we used to, we’re both so busy I just wish I lived nearby and I would drag you out in some amazing frock and talk all night. Ah well. Please know I think of you my friend.

  6. Aw, thank you, C! I’ve been offline for a while, so thank you for thinking of me. Summers tend to get away from me. Hope you’re doing well too and writing your beautiful poetry and prose, and enjoying the your summer! xx

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