He had your ruddy skin

capturing sunlight

even as cold

his fingers interlaced

asleep in formaldehyde

his eyelashes like a girls

wet in regret

nobody should die yet

he would have said

his lips pursed for thought

devoid now

the little children crowded

coffins edges like spectators

in miniature

would he arise? like the wooden Christ

over-seeing his funeral

and shaking off his death

make them scream in delight

and run

like birds fanning sky

sudden and vital

defying nature’s flute

calling him home

long has he slept now

beneath the weight of grief

like a man who is bewitched by

lips of woodland nymphs

too red, too soft

to know not

37 thoughts on “Brother

    1. I know. Just know this. The things you do in this life, in this time, COUNT and therefore your existence and your personhood COUNT and for those who are like you it is sometimes the hardest road but there IS a point to it and it’s NOT just a series of painful steps, you make a difference. How many can say they make a difference?

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      1. That’s supposed to be a great technique. I only recently understood that I did not sub-vocalize (read aloud in ones mind) and this was why I mispronounced so many words and also if you do sub-vocalize you retain more of what you read, so I started doing it and it helped me, I’m all for practice 🙂

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    1. Dearest Sue, thank you so much my friend xo I had to re-do my blog so everyone who was following me no longer is, but hopefully they will join back. I am grateful to you my friend, happy new year for tomorrow xo


  1. I saw this reposted on Mr. Anker’s blog and wondered why I didn’t see you. And then I noticed you disappeared from my followed blogs. I had no idea that happened. I’m rectifying that right now! Welcome back, love. I’ve missed you!

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    1. Lovely girl! I went away for a while due to some online issues, and unfortunately I deleted my first blog and can’t get it back so I tried to create one that will be similar! So glad that you are here, and to see you again my friend. xo Happy New Year!

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    1. Dear Barkinginthedark
      you followed on my other blog but I closed it and reopened with the same name but slightly different site, after some internet trolls got a little too loud. Thank you so much for reading me here, it means a lot and I hope this is a good year for you my friend


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