Shortest day

the-winter-solstice-marks-the-shortest-day-of-the-yearShortest day

swallows brightness

in diminishment

crouching against

empty branches

silhouettes of

previous solstice turned

deft on tip-toe, sore and wild

when the world was not

sleeping beneath

first frost

waiting in steamy breath

for chasing night

to subdue her urge

there’s more dark

than day in this

glassy moment they realize

taking longer steps

against setting shadows

creating winking specters

in faded swallow of

last light


11 thoughts on “Shortest day

  1. Dearest Natalie, thank you so much my friend xo I had to re-do my blog so everyone who was following me no longer is, but hopefully they will join back. I am grateful to you my friend, happy new year for tomorrow xo Go Frogs for 2017! Love to you my friend

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