I tell myself

survived another day

not good to pencil your life away


distant car passenger

awkwardly eating cake

doesn’t fit in til

escaping you

walk liberated down busy Xmas streets

everyone’s got someone

you’re careful in invisibility

belonging to the still of night

licking fur in wrong direction

silence is your friend

when people form behind festivities

like badgers forage for scraps

you race

in the setting silver line of waking dream

belonging to those who

take their skates to frozen pond

wondering how many turns they can have


5 thoughts on “Undisturbed 

  1. Beautiful and powerful writing, leaving room for the reader to go there, to interpret, to visualize what was likely too quickly read. These require more than one reading and my words are not sufficient to express the magnitude of your talent. Thank you for sharing your gifts. I will read these again and again….that is the respect I have for you and which you so deserve!

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