Extra fold

old_couples_in_love_are_so_cute_640_01Love after middle-age

it is said

can be ungainly

at best

no place to disguise or hide

extra folds

we are bodies desperately in need

of hiding behind clothes

like the unwashed memories

of youth seek showy fornication

we find pleasure

in subtle fantasy

when we really have to

unwrap for real

it’s like eating too much sugar

and wishing you hadn’t


reaching for more

oh go on

indulge yourself

you’re free now

tear up your ticket

leave behind

the rules


11 thoughts on “Extra fold

  1. Indeed! As we age, we discover that rules are meant to be broken.. and extra folds are just that much more to love 🙂 That is an awesome photo !!

  2. It’s true though. This thought is on the minds of many who especially don’t appreciate their own bodies or who crave acceptance from their lover / life partner. And there’s the age factor as mentioned here. Well written

  3. M, I wanted to write and say I am saddened by our distance though I understand it. I am regretful it happened though I know neither of us are to blame and I always hope you are doing well and I care even if it is not as much as it should be, that’s just my introspective self and nothing else. Have a lovely weekend. xo

  4. It’s 5:17am, insomnia… Thank you, likewise.
    I sent you an email… Going to try and sleep now. g-nite & g-morning. 🙂

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