Shadow play


I will leave you the stage

the costumes

grease paint

I will not watch you string the puppets

construct the game

you may smile behind your fan

pouring tea from porcelain

to hide your true intent

often the best are most talented

at climbing the ladder

nobody will believe

she who invisibly bleeds

show the knife

they’ll say surely not

they’re so nice

often the stab

comes from those who claim

they have your back

only then are you free

to show your wings

22 thoughts on “Shadow play

  1. Yes!! But, Cand…with time, we see the signs…and after we’ve bled a thousand times, we-believe it or not-start to learn.
    It wasn’t until October, not even 3 months ago that I finally discarded one who was meant to “love me, think the world of me, I was everything to him” and yet, he stabbed me over and over and I LET him because he was “fucked up, needed help so bad, didn’t mean it” and all the other rubbish excuses you can think of. You’d think I would have learnt by now, right? Well, I FINALLY have!!
    Never again will I think, this person was my friend, they would NEVER hurt me…even though the signs are there but I choose to go with my heart rather than my head. Never again!!!! It took me long enough but I’m finally at this stage in my life where I will not let people do this to me anymore. And you won’t either. And if anybody tries, I will personally hunt them down and rip their eyes out. *this is not an angry tone btw, just a fierce protective one*

  2. My girl you’ve said it all. But then you’re good at that, encapsulating the world and reflecting it back, you have that wit and observation few really understand and hone, but you do, and that meticulous understanding is something among many that I admire about you. As for having learned by now? Surely and yet … when someone asks you to believe them it’s so tempting to try, That only says you are a good person and they manipulate that goodness to their own ends. It is a catch 22 with manipulative people as they use the ‘but you must believe me’ card and we think of the times we wanted someone to believe us, or give us a second chance so we do and then they burn us. Ah. I am not sure I would change it. The alternative is coldness, that is never good, as both we know. I do agree you’re at that stage you have been for a while, and I try too though some get through the net. BTW protective is the best kind of friend and rare.

  3. Yes, it’s the eternal struggle but once you’ve been burnt too many times, you do become more cautious…though cautious in our particular case still means a high degree of “sucker” haha

  4. Oh I’d die laughing except ain’t that the sad truth? Recently this girl wanted to be my bff or ‘whatever’ she kept saying ‘you gotta trust me’ I feel that anyone who says that probably needs the person to believe it for a reason, anyway I just didn’t believe and sure enough she went cray-cray after not too long, I figured it was evidenced in her desperation, so many people either care too little or too much in a way that will destroy you if you don’t do what they expect. As you say, you become more cautious but can’t win because then you are berated for that. I’m all for cloning myself letting that clone deal with it whilst I read books by the fire ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I agree with the first comment.

    You can’t trust anyone nowadays. It’s hard and difficult to open up to anyone.
    In the end, people have dark secrets and show their true colors of what we didn’t see from the start.

    I relate strongly with this poem sis. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you so much for writing this incredible truth.

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