Echoing back


40ce96627e2a59381507324cc14e8c38She has gone down with the light

into deepest water

where frozen the eyes denied

see murkily through specter

she has gone down because you deemed her


and all your entreaties and kindnesses

were sunken lies

all the time you waited

like the brown recluse

sits watchful

beneath porch steps

for the unwise

she has gone down because you needed her capsize

to stick the thorn deep and watch her bleed

for those who dare to live inspite of you must pay the price

we are nothing if not accurate

in our thread and release

the arrow

a light airy sound

blistering cloud

cutting through

pierces its mark

and she must sink beneath the waves of your wrath

to ensure justice in an unjust world

that is your closure

as you put away

the disturbance of her

and feel relief

to rid yourself of your reflection

echoing back through the trees

41 thoughts on “Echoing back

  1. Tes yeux sont comme ton Blog…D’une profondeur sans fond !
    Je t’embrasse
    Tony de France

  2. Your words always pack a powerful punch! And I’m sure this one was warranted! So woe be to the one it’s aimed at who will hopefully think twice about her egregious words and/or behavior!
    🙂 ❤

  3. Ah my friend how right you are. I don’t think everyone is like that, and I do think those who are, may be through no fault of ours, but their own agenda and something we do or do not do, that ‘triggers’ them. For so often I see this is the case, that someone is seething and if you are in the way you’ll get an eye-full. If we realize we are such a little part of someone’s cruelty it can take a bit of the sting away I hope! xo BIG HUG my friend!

  4. Well to be fair to aforementioned hurtful people, whilst I know they were very unhappy I too have been very unhappy and yet did not hurt others, mostly because I knew what it felt like and also had no desire to hurt someone for the pain I felt, if anything I would turn it on myself, which is perhaps the other way people deal and it is no better as you can literally destroy yourself. That said, better yourself than someone else. Ultimately totally agree w/u that if you are content/peaceful within you will not hurt others, but even those who are in pain do not have to.

  5. You are so very right! Because with all the pain physical pain I deal with I could be a real bitch if I chose to. But like you I choose not to do that! Love you❣️😘

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