Permission to be destroyed


There’s an old saying, the man felt sorrow because he had no arm

until he met a man who had no leg

comparison being an uncomfortable bed mate

all of us could do with sinking to our knees

mindful our own aches in the sum of things

matter and matter less

not dismissing but appreciating

someone out there is worse off

when I feel betrayed I recall

someone else was betrayed twice as bad

when in the eighth month of pregnancy

he said I’m leaving

when I feel lonely I think

of those who lost everyone and never

regained belonging

when I feel sorrow

it is the sorrow of those who survived

concentration camps only to find light

once more

that keeps me endeavouring to do my best

even if I fall

even if I cannot always

by that I do not diminish

anyone’s hurt

but it is worth considering

if others survived

we too

can pick ourselves up

and not give permission

to be destroyed


39 thoughts on “Permission to be destroyed

  1. Beautifully done. I kinda see this as being grateful for the things going right in our lives. Hard to do at times but important for keeping on.


    1. Dear Wallace my friend – thank you for reading this and your comment which is always so appreciated. I agree, honoring pain is crucial! I think I write about this a lot and I wanted I suppose to reflect back this idea of also being grateful for surviving. Thank you again my friend

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    1. Dear Dear Helene lovely lady, thank you for your kindness in reading this, and for your shared story. 28 years survivor, is something to be very glad of, and I wish you many, many more. Most of all I do believe as you say, gratitude for what we have is the grace we learn in this life if we pay attention, not always infallible but I hope, helps in our understanding xo Happy New Year my friend xo

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