Pretending to stand still


The doctor said

straighten your shoulders

your back is becoming curved

I told him

that may not be possible

time permitting

I have a train to catch

I need to walk on all fours

and pretend to be a lion

he wrote me a script

for fierceness

I handed it in to the pharmacist

who clicked her tongue and

rolled her eyes

a little like a deer who is trying

to look side ways at

approaching foe

whilst pretending to

stand still


9 thoughts on “Pretending to stand still

  1. Wonderful imagery ! The pharmacist pretending to stand still as if you could not see her is something I believe we all have done at one time or another! The script for fierceness is empowering! Thank you! For sharing your gifts!

  2. Brilliant Candice… reminded me of when I was a teenager and my Dad would hit me with a thump between the shoulder blades and tell me not to slouch.. His bark however was worse than his bite.. 🙂 ❤ and it didn't hold half as many teeth as that of my mother's 😉

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