Want her destroyed


it is not bitter

when I tell you

she survived in spite

of your carefully crafted Titanic

you set on smooth waters

ushered her near

purchased her passage

set her sail

and whilst she floated

thinking life jackets unnecessary

you put pins in them

as you would her soul

and the part that aches

is she never knew why

you chose her to destroy

or what made you say one thing

and do the other

how you marked her for extermination

lied and said she was your favorite

all the while you plotted

pushing her close to the abyss

with one wish

to set her aflame

not to be extinguished

until she was charcoal again

could it be something about her

reminded you of a deep hate

long-held in your wicked heart?

when you told her you can trust me / I’m not like the others

playing your part

no shame in deception

when intention is to eradicate

her from your world

okay now

the ship sinks beneath the waves

you feel a relief

a lightness

she is underneath

no more to unsettle

or bequeath

whatever reminded you enough

to want her destroyed

23 thoughts on “Want her destroyed

  1. I’m hoping in 2017 to visit Australia for the first time ever. I don’t know if I will be able to afford to go but if I do I will tell you well in advance and hope I can come visit with you and your family. xo

  2. I think many times we feel this way but have no voice for it. I try to put a voice to the feelings that are hard to express. I don’t know if it always works but I’m glad sometimes it does! Thank you!

  3. Same for me. I’m not a writer. But I have so many words floating in my head that weigh me down. Writing them makes me lighter. This piece worked for sure!

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