Steady in the walk

xxxxxWhen she was very young

younger than the reborn

who climb out of shell

lick themselves shellac

for fear of bombs

before those days

in a cradle among men

the oracle told her

you are thursdays child

doomed it seems to go far

the road will not always be there

to see among weeds

at times

crows will fly down

try to peck out your eyes

at times

the sun will bake you still

in mid-stride

at times

your heart will be shredded

and make a good meal

on desert floor

for pudding you will bake yourself soft

open up your latched doors

for night to sweep clean

such your journey will seem

endless and sharp

like climbing through thorns

touching your blood

as it writes out the will

fate has bequeathed those

unable to stand still

every once in a while

a friend will offer you shelter

sit you near to the harth

bandage your hurt

do not forget

those who protesth loudest

are often spliced souls

seeking revenge like tempting

mirage beckons hungry traveler

however much you may seek

this gentle solace

it comes with a price

take off the journey and inherit

their destruction

better you stay on the road

act as you are treated

for death in rehearsal

makes soldiers of the acursed

soon they will sink into sand

you will find yourself

with those who remain

holding your hand

steady in the walk


31 thoughts on “Steady in the walk

  1. Well there you go again showing off your skills of poetry, but then again I did nickname you poetry’s muse
    Click my name and send me a request C so I can let you in my blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agreed. In fact the other day I thought about this in relation to you and how you were a steadfast person and I felt, as such, a very loyal and trustworthy one. I may not think everyone is like that but when you meet someone who is, you sort of want to glue yourself to them πŸ˜‰

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      1. Plus please know that no matter what, one day I’ll buy your best selling poetry book and smile at the picture of you on the back that eventually you will not be too shy to put, and say ‘I always knew he would’

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well, sis…I never want to be the best selling book. I just want to speak to the underground poets like us. Trust me, I’m against corporate publishing. I prefer to be independent on my own.

        Underground poets like us produce the best quality of poetry there is. You sis produce the best poetry I have ever read.

        My next book is my gift to you. πŸ™‚


      1. Ah Sue you are so right. I have made the error of thinking people were true friends when they were anything but, and then that throws your gut-instinct and faith in yourself and trust all over the place. The only thing that helps is when you walk through fire to see who is still standing next to you, as you say, then you know. Wise lady.

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