reading-tea-leaves-dp2-22-12Dear you

If I sent my heart in a box

one of two things would occur

maybe you would not read it

imagining it paper and ink

crumple it up into a crane

and let it fly away

or you may

devour every word

looking for errors and sidelines

we share the same let-down hope

inhabit each others fears a little

too much

maybe that it why you had

to put gun powder in my tea

light the fuse

and burn me up

before you read the leaves


19 thoughts on “Gunpowder

  1. Always enjoy how you write…just realized that during one of WP software updates that my subscription to you poetry had been sacrificed…ah but now I have you back. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thank you my friend I had missed you and am glad you are among the few whom I care about again – I hope that you are having a good New Year thus far and I so appreciate you reading my work xo

  3. I wake up in London- and I am totally thankful to God for such a person as you. For me reality is so important- to be able to reach into the heart of someone any where in this world. I embrace the writings you have written- I ponder them and can see where You have been used today to show me something beautiful. I have always expressed to people- if only I could find someone who understands. I am sure that anyone who reads your writing- will be touched in a very positive way as I have.

  4. Thank you so much! (I lived in London btw) Lately it has been a hard time, that’s always the time you think the most about what you are doing and why, and as you say, ‘if only I could find someone who understands.’ I thought at times there were (people who could understand) and it is very alienating when you stand alone. The greater pain is when you feel you were very close to someone and they do understand and they betray you by turning into a stranger. If that has ever happened it seems to throw everything into doubt, hence my equal need for ‘reality’ at any cost. Anyway … I realize that’s not super-optimistic (but it is honest) but at the same time, it doesn’t dismiss the ‘reality’ that love can exist, it just casts doubt on the deception of those who claim it and do not mean it. I am for being positive (and realistic) more so than negative, to be sure, but it is like anything, you only understand one by experiencing the other. Thank you for your lovely words of encouragement and appreciation they are greatly appreciated by me.

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