Drown by weight


didn’t you walk the other way?

when you knew you’d flay me with your tortured need?

and why

didn’t I see ahead of time

to the days where laughter was silenced

and only sadness took the oar

out into the middle of the river

where you said


it’s for the best

there’s no one here for you


I grew up thinking

loyalty and devotion would see me right

if I had just known

the more you give, the more is taken

leaving you too empty

to drown by weight


11 thoughts on “Drown by weight

  1. Emotional and heart-touching. I love the imagery of ” and only sadness took the oar ….” as the boat is going toward the middle of the river. Makes me think it could be a wonderful drawing …sad, but wonderful. The weight of depression drowns out everything else. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

  2. Finally found you in the labyrinth of WP. I was following but WP cut it adrift. I love the concept of being too empty to have any weight, not even to drown. There’s something so terribly despairing in the idea, and it seems so horribly accurate.

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