how-do-you-say-goodbye-to-someone-you-cant-live-withoutYou cannot see

that my legs are missing

my arms are omitted

my heart does not beat

my eyes do not see

you may say

how dare you

when there are crippled

and broken and rusted and

crusted and burnt and damaged

people who really have

no limbs

no vision

no fingers to touch with

and still

I will show you

the circumstance of hurt



lest we are judged

left more alone as consequence

wounded warriors who have seen no war

do battle over and over

with scars that do not heal

eyes that cannot burn

more than a slow life time

flame flickering

on and out

persisting to burn

even though it is


22 thoughts on “Extinguished

  1. Candice, your words are eerily relatable to me these days. Pain is such a luscious muse! I seem to be stuck on it lately.

  2. Ah my dear friend I wish that were not so but I do agree with you. I wish that you were not feeling as I, but I hope that as a result this time will pass and you will find light again xo

  3. Yes – because so often if you are hurt inside nobody knows or they know and they think ‘get the fuck over it’ and so you go on, half alive, always hurting, and people can’t figure out why you haven’t stopped hurting so the echo of that is a torment

  4. “Mais vivre en silence
    En pensant aux souffrances
    De la terre et se dire
    Qu’on n’est pas les plus malheureux

    Mais quand dans l’amour
    Tout s’effondre
    Toute la misère du monde
    N’est rien à côté d’un adieu”

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