You demanded

I consider Heaven

I thought of lasting beyond

after life

it made me feel tired

like the rosy apple

has its season

its brief glory

then falls to become earth

recycle itself in

spell of worms

I replied

there is nothing I need

in Heaven

once you have

bloomed and sent nectar

into the recess of time

you need then to sleep

your head heavy with pollen

until the bees come

and make ten fold

your apple blossom dream


26 thoughts on “Honey

  1. There’s a sadness that comes with endings, with loss… but I like to think that nothing ever really ends, it only changes into something else.

  2. ah sister, you don’t realize what you are capable of, that’s the fine and spun truth and I see that my job shall be to remind you until we are old ladies playing with cats, that you are, you are, you are.

  3. BTW I meant to say how glad I was you were writing more frequently I know you get busy but us selfish adorers of you really appreciate it when we can get our daily hit. xo

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