freja-beha-erichsen-by-moussy-spring-2011-campaignAmber used to be a color

something from frankincense bible

a captured piece of the past

coated in sticky prison

wait for me to catch you

maybe we are caught in time

like sticky insects rubbing legs

I’m chasing your long legs into sounding shadows

amber was not the smell

of you opening yourself

to my low entreaty

leave me to run myself wild over

your freckled skin and tanned cheeks

It doesn’t matter how far

wait for me to catch you

my hands and your long hair loose

amber was not the liquid

honey mounting your urge

in my mouth

making ourselves sore on rhythm

we are jarring our cries for jam

wait for me to catch you

unbuttoned in savage grace

amber was not a gentle

rain of longing spilling

over my lips

clasping your laughter to my own

skipping in each thin wish bone

wait for me to catch you

surfaces falling away to expose

amber was a faraway thing

before you became the echoing girl

with honey colored hair

chasing my blushes with your narrow hips

between your thighs releasing

the past and future of all

rebuking color

changing behind movement

like a slow melting

amber sun rise



41 thoughts on “Amber

  1. Likely. And, beauty is different to everyone so there’s as many descriptions as there are people, I suppose. But, you’re writing? Empirically beautiful. 😊

  2. I was going to quote one line that I loved but then I continue reading and I would have to quote the whole thing. I am saving to get your book by the way. And soon I will get it autograph by you

  3. True. Though I’m not sure someone could truly convey all that sex is and feels like to someone who’s never experienced it. But, like you said, it can be hinted at. I’m glad there are talented writers, such as yourself, who are adept at description in vivid ways. Words are very powerful.

  4. Candice, beautifully stroked my dear. I love your play between the sensual and the sensuous. I have missed your poetry and this is an exquisite one to return to. Amber is rising on my list of favorite colors! Keith

  5. Wine will have that effect eventually πŸ˜‰ (so last night I was thinking about other classics, I wasn’t overly keen on Last Tango were you? Dunno why just didn’t work maybe because he was so gross by then?)

  6. Agreed! Last Tango left me cold. The fact he was so gross by then is a factor but I don’t think it was the only one. I think, for me, there was a certain…vibe exuding…control in some way? Or something unsavoury of the kind, I don’t know.

  7. Especially after I heard they raped the (actress) in real life, it didn’t surprise me, there was something dark and wrong about the vibe of that film yet it was so successful. I’d like to see another film done in the style of 9 and a half weeks, there really hasn’t been one that good since or before.

  8. Yes exactly!! I wasn’t surprised either when I heard!
    And yes, there should be! Obviously Mickey Rourke can’t be in it but I’m sure they could find someone as scrumptious (I thought he was then)
    Did you see Wild Orchid? Totally not in the same league.

  9. Yeah Claire Otis. She makes most actresses look good, she’s so wooden she could make furniture. What the fuck happened to Rourke he turned RANK and he used to be a right lil pouter. Ah well. If I had the energy I’d make a really hot movie, because needs must! Most of the stuff now doesn’t seem so sexy it’s too obvious. And the soundtrack isn’t badass

  10. Yeah she was awful wasn’t she? We should really think about writing a screenplay…except since I know absolutely nobody in the film business, it’d have no chance to get off the ground

  11. The irony is I used to work in the film business but burned out quick because I couldn’t handle the pressure and the pretention and competition. I’m not competitive at all which means I usually fail – ha ha! Anyway … my first degree I studied film and wanted to be a director (stupid dreams) so I’m totally down for that, damn I wish. Actually I was vaguely thinking of moving back if I did I’d probably be near your neck of the woods so it’s not like it’s an imposibility, like I always say, the wrong people have money and the right people have ideas and no where to express them. We’d do a bad-ass film I just know it.

  12. I’m so in awe of you. You’ve done everything. Or it seems like it anyway. And omfg if you did move here, that would be the most amazing thing! People around me would be jealous as hell. Apparently, I already start too many of my sentences with “Candice said…”
    The other day, I got interrupted mid flow with : “let me guess, Candice said?”…and I laughed because I haven’t even met you and my family and friends hear about you all the time. It’s crazy, right?

  13. Na honestly I haven’t and I let myself down a lot with what I am capable of and what I just can’t do because of a mental block. The whole introvert thingie, that’s another reason jobs like that didn’t really work for me. Oh shit well if I have that kinda rep I’d better come with a different name and at least one dragon πŸ˜‰ No it’s not cray it’s the connection that’s so rare as to be damn miraculous xo

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