Let it out

cropped-wilson_henry_irvine_lady_in_red_19321The match you struck

leaves its sulfur

like slept on sheets

retain outline

of lovers

who before morning must rise

shake off their reverie and hope

of life containing pleasure and warmth

submerging in cold water

become once again closed faced

workers in suckled world

with cast heads staring at concrete floor

whilst cats above

on roof tops

cry to one another

sounding much like

ourselves if we were to


let it out

20 thoughts on “Let it out

  1. Amazing, Lady! πŸ’™ I’m running to catch up with your beautiful river of words as it rushes past. Forgive me for my tardiness.

  2. I’ve been writing far too much of late do not worry about it! you know i’m very mercurial in my output! sometimes i struggle other times i struggle to contain myself

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