That made us three

wdfgI did not question my worth

I did not say stop this is not necessary

ego needs no increase

it is not an egg to crack and drizzle

leaving bright stain on good intention

we lived

on the breath work of shared emotion

they loved me and I knew

where afterward I could not duplicate

in any drawer in any sea

as if all the stones that made us three

were thrown too far out

a necklace reliant upon string

to loop meaning


she became an actress

of a stage for one

and he

continued to wander

until he ran out of doors

and I

gave away my legacy

and my dancing shoes

thrice mended, never substantive

we all of us turned to leather

under a foreign sun


what became of those three souls?

who linking arms

laughed with heads up high

thinking all the time in the world

was theirs to choose

(for D & J)

22 thoughts on “That made us three

  1. Sad, yet beautiful how some people can drift out of our life, but still remain in our hearts and memories. So artistically penned..ღ

  2. You really are on a roll aren’t you ! Creativity oozing out your pores in poeming. I think I’ve said it before, but I love the new style of images you are using. I presume of the art and photography is your own.

  3. As you may know I lived in Soho when Covent Garden was being developed. We are unlikely to go back there again. J. hates London and my knees can’t really cope with the crush of the underground through which I once happily twisted and turned as if on the rugby field. 🙂

  4. wow – well I kind of don’t like London as I once did. I had no idea you lived in Soho whilst London was being developed! I did used to adore London but less so now, it’s just a tourist trap now. Lost the charm. Anyway Covent Garden I think retains some still xo

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