On the other side of rebuke

freja-beha-erichsen-arizona-muse-by-terry-richardson-designscenenet-02I used to say

O talk to me

open your maraschino mouth

pull the glazed words out

until they come undone

now I say

keep quiet

stay absent

I have found what I didn’t yet know

standing on the other side of rebuke

we forsake our blazing joy

under the suffocation of those

who demand all of us

and none of us

I spent a life time waiting

to stop hating myself

when the girl with the sparrow in her limbs

took me by the hand and bid me dance with her

entreat I may rinse my history in her cupped smile

held under chin like buttercup tells fortune to

gilded child, with her smoothness and her beguile

latching emptiness and filling it with stars

bursting over us like white flames caution the acrobat

to walk steadier in the marsh of emotion

I didn’t think I could start over, my chapter was

dulled by the passage of hands holding me back

she knew I could

when I lost my footsteps on the other side of rebuke

she picked me up, held me still until my heartbeat

slowed and the music filled me anew


54 thoughts on “On the other side of rebuke

  1. Oh the end. That makes my heart happy. Someone to hold you until your heart slows. Damn. That’s what everyone hopes for. You are a mistress of tapping emotion. You knock on the heart and then just kick the door in. Always such a pleasure to read you, I hope you know that.

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      1. I had army boots in my day. Actually I still have them. Great juxtaposition against that lace. I imagined your poetry as that girl kicking down the door. And yes hope. Hope is beautiful.

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  2. Candice, you are consistently clever with your words, whether you are speaking of amorous acts or disillusion after being rebuked. Relationships are hard work and are journeys together. You will step on a few rocks along the way. Well done, my dear. Keith

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      1. Her ex and she does it fir fun and while she’s not bi she hit on me while her ex was letting her dog out


      1. It was my pleasure reading you. So I decided to buy your first book through Amazon, looking forward to reading it. Ps. I’m in Canada and it’s telling me the wait time for your other books is one month?

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      2. Firstly, thank you for buying one of my books. That’s odd about the wait-time, the first 4 books were published a while back they usually ship quicker than that, though I can’t say I’m familiar with the Canadian version of Amazon despite living in Ontario for a year I don’t think I ever used it there. I can try to find out. The only one not actually published yet is the fifth which is due out March 27 by FLP – that one you can only pre-order. LMK if you cannot find one and I can send you one directly myself πŸ™‚ (email: candicelouisa@rocketmail.com) THANK YOU for your support xo

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