Soft mouth

zsvalI wasn’t ready

maybe that’s what attracted me to you

treasured and worthless

your invert chest

the ribs of a child

pluck a chord

sing a tune

I own

nothing but one


watching you swim naked

the search of sound

pines still holding their grudge

your eyes emptied

your lips broken against wait

against my still entreaty

I trust nothing

only the jig of life

in your gamine limbs

spelling out the position of

dropped clothes like constellations

curtseys before the heavy curtain

comes down on our budding ardor

I feel old

against your new


I feel young

against your ancient


I trust no-one except

the first sound

flickering over your face

as I dive


as sleek as a silver fern

shedding its urge

making magic of forest floor

all the glittering wonderment

in your soft mouth



58 thoughts on “Soft mouth

  1. Love love love. Just read 5 times. I want to get naked and do stuff and have a vodka close at hands as well as a pack of smoke. I’m sure that wasn’t the effect intended but that’s what it’s done to me. Also I’m not going to do any of that (right now) but I really want to.

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      1. I actually have to be so careful about how much I drink because if I drank too much I wouldn’t be able to control it and I’d be running down the street in my platforms screaming for nicotine so I totally hear you sister

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      2. Haha love the image!! It’s much easier now smoking is prohibited just about everywhere. It would have been so much harder before when smoking over a baby’s crib was pretty much normal behaviour (okay not really but you get my drift)
        I did stumble at Pride last August. Some guy just opened a pack of Marlboro lights right next to me and I actually leaned in and smelled the unlit cigarettes. I’d only been smoke free for 2 or 3 weeks by then. He was like, er, do you want one? (He was a complete stranger btw) and I was so drunk I must have been unbearable “yeah I do but I can’t I quit, no no take them away from me” and he just laughed, lit one and stick it in my mouth so I smoked it. (Sounds awful if you just read the end of that) haha I’m such a whore. I stumbled that night, I had one but I haven’t since.

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      3. I’m laughing SO HARD at the smoking over a baby comment BRILLIANT! yeah I would stumble believe me I have to go around in a cage with my hands tied. But you are doing REALLY well. ha ha ha you’re making me hurt laughing at the images now! Sseroiusly though you’re doing so well but I’ve got the giggles so I can’t be serious anymore!

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      1. I liked this because I can’t love it but Candice…ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?? As if I would EVER dare! And don’t go off on one of those speeches where you tell me I’m a good writer as well and all that! Yes, I can write. Quite well at times. But you are THE queen and one doesn’t collaborate with the queen. As much as one would love to!

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      2. Haha it’s not a question of wanting, coz of course I want to. It’s a question of being aware of one’s abilities. (Red shoes must never be kicked against sofa! I once kicked some stupid Italian’s Ferrari and I was so upset afterwards coz of the scuff mark on my shoe, don’t even know how it happened)

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      3. Well, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to try. As long as we agree on a general idea of theme before and write freely with no structure haha
        Also, you’d have to start. If I found myself unable to follow then so be it. Right? Not the end of the world. Thing is I have zero jealousy towards you, I think you’re the queen and I love you whether you’re superior or not, it makes no difference to me. So we wouldn’t actually be risking anything if we tried I suppose πŸ˜‰

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      4. unbridled enthusiasm no less! πŸ˜‰ Definitely agree we write and check before we submit – fuck structure – hell I’d trade any writing ability for your cheekbones so we’re all good – oh go on it would be wonderful!

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      5. Haha I’ll check and reply to your email later. And sweetie, you’re gorgeous and don’t have to wish for anybody’s cheekbones or whatever. And remember, I don’t call people sweetie or tell them they’re gorgeous in that sickening way often. Only when I mean it (and I don’t often)

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      6. I’m still laughing and now I have you kicking a car added to the pile. Sometimes I think it would be hillarious to do a spoof of a sexy film too –
        BTW speaking of shoes … sigh totally agree but you wouldn’t have taken me seriously if I wasn’t wearing some good-uns. Once upon a very good time I had some VELVET shoes that were blood red those fuckers were REAL I felt like I owned the vampire world in those shoes. DAMN and they were platforms 5 inches. How shoes can make the woman … you owe us another shoe fetish post if you’re not going to dance πŸ˜‰

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      7. Kicking a car because he made a move and I told him to fuck off. He could t accept that and when we got out he called me “a cold fish”! I was so fucking angry. I hate those guys that call you frigid because you don’t wanna have sex with them. Ugh
        The velvet shoes sound divine. And I TOTALLY get the feeling that a good pair of shoes can make you feel so confident and powerful. Haha I could do another post but all the pics I currently have featuring great shoes are all…too “daring” for the blog haha

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      8. Oh the ‘cold fish’ one .. how original NOT. I agree, they either call you a dyke or a nun – what if you are just repulsed by them? ha ha ha! mmm better not say that latter bit within hearing distance of certain followers of yours or they will be baying until you relent me thinks (Mr M comes to mind)


    1. Yep that about does it in terms of what I hoped from in life … if you think this about my writing I have succeeded. I don’t need universal, I need people I care about whose work I admire to think this and I am so happy for it and for you. I’m in an unusually passionate writing mode, I’m sure it will shrink away before long but whilst it lasts I try to expose the tender shoots xo

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  2. Candice I am worried that I am start making indecent proposals to you, your language is so gorgeous and sensuous
    ” I trust nothing

    only the jig of life

    in your gamine limbs

    spelling out the position of

    dropped clothes like constellations”

    Sigh. . .

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  3. Candice, love has a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it. I remember my first adult love, floored me at first sight. She was also my first big heartbreak, so that lust can be fleeting for one or both of the parties. I love my wife, but she is also my friend, so the latter helps over time. Keith

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