The melancholy of her smile

freja-beha-erichsen3The film

shows her opening the door

stepping out

thin ankles short skirt

she’s not young but she’s got youth

on tap and wisdom to match

she makes you fall to your knees

just because she looks a second too long

in your direction

even if you didn’t smooth down your hair

shave your legs, flash your eyes

she might glance your way

with that confidence and that fragility

an impossible combination

like she was built out of the refugees

of love

hurt lying like a lover in her eyes

pinpricks of suffering alluring in the way

she survives herself and the demons

dancing rosy around her

you like how she holds on and almost falls

the spindle of her spine

strongest are the small ones

you want to take her in your arms

switch on the radio and listen in the dark

she’ll dance beneath your skin

she’s a drug she’s not perfect she’s the one

who keeps you awake thinking

if you could just reach her

inhabit the melancholy of her smile

before she winked out like a song you hum

without knowing its name

31 thoughts on “The melancholy of her smile

  1. Exquisite description, you can sense the moment; that snap shot in time which captures her essence and her self assurance.

  2. Thank you. That is a wonderful description of what I have written and fits the poem so well as if you had written it and understood it better than I! Thank you! I am most grateful to you.

  3. I’m always attracted to people like this, their pain draws me in, their strength to hold on pulls my heart. That dance between fragility and strength, the pull of youth burst full form right on the edge of fading

  4. Beautiful, again. And once again, after my heart with “…switch on the radio and listen in the dark …she’ll dance beneath your skin…”

  5. Candice, this stanza is an aspiration for us all regardless of gender or sexual preference:

    “who keeps you awake thinking

    if you could just reach her

    inhabit the melancholy of her smile”

    This is why the one first smitten can’t sleep at night. Beautifully done.

  6. Hypnotic and alluring, I used to feel the same when I looked in Paul McCartney’s eyes 😉 as my knees buckled.. 😉 Joking aside dear Candice… This was a great piece of descriptive writing and very sensuous ,

    Love your own Melancholy mind..
    Hugs and Love dear friend.. 🙂 ❤
    Sue xxx

  7. 😉 that’s so funny! I love it! I do agree that there are times and people (not many either, maybe only one in a life time) that will make you feel this way and when you do BAM! It’s like none other xo BIG HUGS BACK TO YOU LOVELY LADY

  8. Unrequited love is so painful, but we live and move on. I am thinking of the love triangle in Les Miserables where Eponine is smitten with Marius who is smitten with Cossette. In the play, Eponine at least gets to sing better songs.

  9. Just wanted to chime in on this note… moving on… is not always accurate, and perhaps cold, perhaps not validating the grief. Breakups, death, loss… I think we have to figure out how to move forward with those losses. Moving on seems to imply we’ve forgotten and maybe don’t feel it anymore. I’m pretty sure I will feel these certain pains and feel this love until I die, and just trying to figure out that process, with support and in wonderful places like this.

  10. Very true. I think if we do ‘move on’ it doesn’t mean we don’t care or have forgotten. I’m not sure everyone will move on but those who do are not necessarily heartless for doing so. Agreed. Then again I believe sometimes you only have so much love in you and sometimes you only have one person you want to feel it with but it’s very different with different people and ultimately I agree w/u totally xo

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