Grant a restoration

loureedraven3Oh justice

you queer creature

when did it become


to be so clouded?

if I were a storm

I’d gather your secrets

and rub them clear

from obscured tempest

capturing land with fists of murder

Oh justice

they ask me

what I want for my future

it’s not me I am concerned for

but the child who is let-down

before he begins

pain the innocent suffer

just for resisting easier path

sin is the great reaper

so many follow and worship

it becomes hard to see clearly

what is right anymore

oh justice

I would leave this world now

my last breath

if you could grant a restoration

put order back

arrange the books on the shelf

so people will come and read

truth may be dusty

but she is sorely

in need

10 thoughts on “Grant a restoration

  1. You write so well and this could be the lamentation of every person who has ever lived. The trials and suffering may not have been the exact same but who’s to measure the depth of anyone’s heartaches. Though life is hard, undeniably hard, everything, even Satan, is under the authority of Christ Jesus, and through Him we are promised redemption and restoration if not here in this fallen world then in the next. It was man who made the choice to open the world to evil’s ways. Nevertheless, our of God’s love, Jesus came to reclaim us for our Father. Meanwhile not all that we encounter here is dark and hurtful and lacking. Sadly the eye sees and the heart feels more intensely what goes wrong in life more than it does what goes well and right. But hope is always the bearer of light and promise. Love and hugs, Natalie 🙂 ❤

  2. Wow to say this could be the lamentation of every person who has ever lived is really high praise indeed and that meant so much to me! Thank you Natalie! As for restoration I do hope it will come in some form because sometimes it seems the world is the very opposite of how it should be. Love is definitely the answer. And mercy. Many people forget the value of mercy. xo Hope is all we have xo

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