Snow storm


you can inhabit me

when all else is bare

the wind clearing space

I didn’t know was there

for now I do wish

never to remember why

the sting is relentless

we keep our mouths unmoving and quiet


not even God

would know the hurt that inhabits us

it is the savage essence of

being human

I long to leave

behind in soft

foot fell

leading into

the whirling

snow storm

40 thoughts on “Snow storm

  1. If God does not hear us- then we are all lost ! For we walk by faith not by sight.2 Corinthians-5-7.( Now faith is the substance- of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen… Hebrews- 11-1. . I have known pain and hurt many times- As I read your column- I can understand why 0ne may think he can not hear us…..I

  2. I wanted to add- that I trust in the Lord with all my heart- and lean not unto my own understanding. And yet I fail often. Thank you for a most provoking thought.

  3. I doubt you ‘fail’ so much as just are on a journey where you do not yet know everything for who can? I doubt you actually ‘fail’ so much as just take some time in some of the steps and that is okay my friend

  4. I think for those who believe in God He does hear, and for those who do not believe, maybe something else does – the Universe? Maybe there is a way forward for everyone, irrespective, as long as they are willing to face the future honesty and with humble hearts ?

  5. Yes I wonder why too! I would think everyone should leave the smog and run up the hill and escape it! What could be wrong with people? Ah but we don’t have enough life left to describe that πŸ˜‰

  6. I’m sorry I’m being so preachy tonight my friend. I too have experienced the despair you talk of in this poem and I too have longed to be relieved of life itself. So that part I get only too well. But I can’t agree that God doesn’t know or understand such things. God does know exactly how it feels to be human and feel pain and betrayal and loss and so on. Betrayal by a beloved friend is one of the most painful human experiences one can endure, and Jesus was betrayed by Judas who was a friend and loved by Him.Then after His death, some of His disciples denied even knowing Him which again was brutal and bitter betrayal. He was also beaten and flogged and spat upon by Roman soldiers and people in the streets. Following that His death by crucifixion was one of the most unimaginably excruciating ways to die. So our God indeed know all about the hurts that inhabit us. And Jesus wept over those indwelling human hurts. Love, N πŸ™‚ ❀

  7. I expected you or someone else who has this perspective to say this so it’s not preachy at all because if I cannot reconsider some of my beliefs then I am closed-minded and I would never wish that. I know what you are saying, if there is a God then it stands to reason that He would know everything I do agree, I am unconvinced of a conscious God but the truth is I do not know, I cannot say, and as such, sometimes the emotion may reflect as ‘I do not think even God notices’ and yet, as you say, if He is there, then He would know all. True words my friend. I think if the Bible is accurate, God knows all and it is us who should be trying to open our minds to truth not Him. xo

  8. and as you know, I pray a lot despite not being ‘traditionally’ affiliated to a faith or religion I pray because I believe in the power of thought and intention and love and you cannot explain love without some kind of God it seems

  9. SMiLes.. my FriEnd.. thefeatheredsleep..
    i followed your site here and
    never got any new
    and have
    found it again
    through a Google
    search and i see you
    have been just as busy writing
    here and i will be back to catch up
    as liGhteNinG fast reading can and will
    do and haha! one of my posts as long as
    A 40 thousand word Novel depending on the
    muse and inspiration of the day SaMe.. so what
    to say about disappearing foot prints in the snow
    from the grief of life that grow so cold and numb
    with or without pain wHeRe numb now is worse than
    pain.. i kNoW and FeeL/SeNsE tHeRE was/is once
    a day and so much more that
    i dreamed of falling into
    the Gulf and
    a gAIn..
    a huMaN
    BeinG WinGinG DeeP
    far above a bLack wHOle
    SuN sOuL and suRE that’s the way
    iT iS for neuro-diversity and bio-diversity
    whoLe even from BiRth iF bOnes roll in dARker
    roles of liFe… one.. i WiLL say are the footprints of liFe
    i live and lived not much different from that other book
    of ONE by Richard Bach who wrote the Seagull Story of
    HiGher FliGht too.. ONE one wHOle so diFfeREnt so sAMe
    so driVing warm to cold to ice HoT stArs as hole of Whole..
    Experience ..mY FriEnd.. a masterpiece painting.. we.. A brush..
    iN sHades of Grey.. RAinBoW coLors more
    than scenes bEfore.. diMeNsioNs
    oF FeeLinG and SenSinG
    never foretOld that
    words cannot
    at lEAst
    my FriEnd
    for more oF LiGht ‘tween
    DaRk oF aLL ThAT iS.. anyWay.. glad
    i found you today for some ending words
    foR just aNoTher Bible oF thiS Thing cAllEd Life..
    as hey.. it isn’t ofTen.. i find folks like you… iN liFE.. mY FriEnd..

  10. Girl, you are so good at letting the hurt pour forth from you. I’m sure it doesn’t scratch the surface, but I’m always in awe. I need lessons. I don’t let people in very much. I say I trust, but when it comes to divulging feelings, I am reserved. That’s like paper glass and only a few gentle hands are allowed to hold.

  11. Once again, you write with such grace and beauty. I can visualize the end of this poem as a mystical movie, black and white….music and movie together, just fade away. Leaving those of us who have watched not leaving our seats as we try to comprehend what we just saw. Or in this case, what we have read….thank you so much for sharing your gifts!

  12. Dearest Girl, I used to follow you when I had my other site then I closed for a while because of a few trolls who had made it hard and then I came back but couldn’t get my actual site the same so it’s similar but anyway I was glad you found me and I found you as I love your work and missed you my friend I hope you are doing well lovely girl

  13. I’m glad you got my email I was thinking about you sweet man I hope you are okay – and I want you to know that even when you are not here because you feel badly, you are missed and cared about. Thank you for your kind words xo

  14. There she is xoxo I hope this week is treating you kindly and all is well. Sending you a big hug. I actually do not let people in like I used to (I used to give flood gates a run for their money – ha ha!) for exactly the same reason. The last person I did they actually said this ‘you should trust me I’m not like the others who have betrayed you, the only way you move forward is if you believe that’ then promptly six months later they betrayed me, for no ‘given’ reason. So I wondered, what was the point? To try to prove to someone they are worth trusting only to mess with them? I think it was a game. I’m not very good with game players but I also believe in hope, so even if you cannot give someone a second chance, you can give someone new a first chance πŸ™‚ I understand your reserve I am far more reserved than I EVER thought possible and honestly it’s a survival mechanism I totally understand I don’t think I will ever be trusting the way I used to be with good reason and whilst that’s sad … it’s also understandable. I liked your line that’s like paper glass and only a few gentle hands are allowed to hold. I would put that in a poem inspiring girl!

  15. Here I am. I’m making it through, I hope you are too. My otter hand extends to you, as this is definitely hard to deal with trust. I innately just trust. But that one poem of yours made me think how I hold feelings back some times and that is about trusting vulnerability. I think it’s funny, interesting, weird (? maybe all of these) that as poets we are highly emotional. Definitely more expressive than the average human, yet, we feel reserved. For me it’s because as much as I do share, there is SO much more. I am guessing that is the same for you. That’s a shit load of emotion. I love giving a new first chance, but I wonder how that differs from a second chance? I didn’t write a poem using those same words, but I did write on this. You are the inspiration from that snow storm. ; )

  16. I love that (the otter hand) so much! Yes we can be emotional but also emotionally unreachable at the same time! Go figure! Yes you are right, as much as you share, you also have this entire world that you would NEVER share! I hear you! (are you sure we’re not the same person?) aw just know this, I understand that very well and you are not alone in that walk my sister

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