267e842992bef6fb109e19c3291fe496I held her fate in my hands

I had a chance to end her sting of me

I chose instead to help her live

it does not seem an easy thing

forgiving yourself for choices

time can never recover

people who take and leave you barren

they’re the ones who will never

know their true darkness

they’re the ones who will get up fast

as if nothing much occurred

it takes a lot to wound someone

who does not have a heart

19 thoughts on “Zero

  1. Absolutely true…… You explain- that which I feel- and unable to maybe express on paper.

  2. Very inwardly insightful sweet lady. Why corrupt ourselves in the same ways others have chosen harm or betray us? Somehow and in someway, what they have done to others will have to be explained and judged. It’s just that that we are not allowed to be the one who judges or holds them accountable. However, one of the perks of aging is that sometimes you live long enough to see what goes around come around. It has happened several times for me already, and I have to say it was “sweet” to witness the perpretator of unnecessary and hurtful words and/or actions reap the harvest of his/her “sins.” Love and hugs, Natalie 🙂 ❤

  3. A very very beautiful poem ( being very true with my words) . Not only this, but I also loved your poem, winter glass. Both were absolutely top class. I will definitely be reading your other poems too, coz they seem to be super-beautiful! Keep it going.. one more thing I would like to tell you is that,I too have blog I am sure that you will Visit and comment…

  4. Nikesh I really appreciate and like the way you explain your poetry on your site before posting it, I haven’t seen that done before and for me it works. I also thought your poetry was very lovely well done!

  5. Agreed. I think people who hurt others pay the price. Sometimes we don’t see it sometimes we should realize our need to see it is wrong because its vengeful and that has no place. AT the same time you want to witness someone who has done something wrong, learning from their mistake or maybe even suffering because of it, and that emotion has caused me to question many things because I truly do not believe in revenge or cruelty yet I have at times succumbed to wishing someone suffer for their cruelty to others like a paedophile for exaple.

  6. I had no idea that happened last year oh my friend I am SO sorry that is awful. If you need any help with him you can contact me because I used to work with people who were survivors of child abuse as my job and I would always help xo

  7. I haven’t told many people, C. It apparently happened when he was around 10 and he had suppressed. But he began cutting himself and attempted suicide three times and so he has had to be hospitalized since last September. He was adopted at birthday in Guatemala and because of the 6 months it took to go through the governmental red apparently has RAD as well and possibly genetic Borderline Personality Disorder. It has broken all our hearts but he is starting to have some breakthroughs and may be able to come back home in a couple of months. I absolutely adore this child and hate that this has happened to him! But o believe he will make it through this. Thanks for your offer to help! You would love Alex‼️❌⭕️

  8. Okay I did know about the hospitalization but did not know that was the ’cause’ or one of the reasons, now it makes more sense and I am so very sorry to hear he has been through this it is just wretched. BPD is a very hard prognosis but I also think it can be worked with and overcome to a greater extent as it is the result of absolutely no connection and trust in childhood (usually coupled with abuse). I cannot blame you for feeling heart broken I would also and my prayers that somehow he can overcome this enormous challenge and live a brighter life. I am absolutely here if he needs anything I can give in any way

  9. Such is the burden of a caring soul…willing to share its light with other candles that have gone out…and often left unlit when its own light fails. ❤

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