La femme du tigre

6a0105356c398f970c0133ed4b470b970b-piA woman

may forget she is a woman

tear into another woman

becoming an ivory toothed tiger

when she has supped too long on the notion

she is without force unless she bites or rips the entrails

of those who may attack her first

and this woman

she does not understand yet

the color of doves and their cresting message

nor the many mistakes leading her to believe

she is a tiger in need of feeding on her sisters

those girls who should be under her awning

defiant beneath banded join

she forgets because she is afraid

she omits because she is scared

her time will come and others …

women who are also tigers

will eat her in juicy pieces with succulent delight

I tell this striped woman

put away your magnificent teeth

come and hold me high

together we are taller

we can clamber on each other’s shoulders

teach the other women who think they are tigers

who must bite and stifle our journey

it is better for women who are tigers

to earn our stripes by supporting the world

paw by paw

for we only keep ourselves down in fear and confusion

when we snap at the truth

we are as free as we want to be

the chains we think exist are our own

no man owns a woman

no woman can ruin another woman

if we promise to respect each other

if we hold back permission for cruelty

lower our arching back and offer

come ride with me I will see you to safety

it is just a short way over the mountain

we can make it if we ride there



46 thoughts on “La femme du tigre

  1. I should add I do get you message of women bringing down other women. In today’s craziness it just seems like we are all so separate. Walls and discrimination and closing hearts. People need to start seeing people as humans. Not dollars or fears.

  2. Yeah, I don’t really get it. Is it years of servitude, forgetting the Goddess is in us all, the heavy weight of patriarchy or the rendering of the sisterhood so long ago? Some understand, some want to deep down but fear, some are just blind now. We must love them all anyway and keep the fires burning so they can find their way back….

  3. “A woman
    may forget she is a woman
    tear into another woman
    becoming an ivory toothed tiger”

    Those lines are so true, I have seen it. Once again Candice, perfection in every word.

  4. Glad to see you are still here, writing poetry. Not sure why you stopped appearing in my feed.

  5. Lovely message! We must support one another, never tear the other down, we are under attack right now,
    we have to stick together and stay strong!

  6. ” If we hold back permission for cruelty” ….what a powerful statement, not only for women but for the world we live in today. Stopping. Thinking. Meditating. Praying. The process of peace which seems so elusive now. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

  7. Gosh – you sucker punched me with that truth how right you are. I am seriously contemplating a return to Europe and I think as I do, the thoughts of ‘together’ and what people are like, is a necessary emotion that is rolling in my head and heart. I think we see the world very much the same, I’m more dour true, you are more the optimist but I definitely see things intrinsically in the same way.

  8. Totally agree with you on everything you have said. I think we are so alike in our outlook on life, maybe because we have experienced many similar things but either way, at least we see the truth for what it is.

  9. When we first met I recall us having this conversation you said at the time you were negative, then I saw this transformation, I had never seen you as negative at all but there was a palpable shift, I think in appreciating that you were free of the former ‘dreary’ existence able to do what you were meant to do with your life at last, and that lent you wings and joy. Since then I have seen that lift you higher than anything else could and it makes me very happy to see that because as one who cares about you, it is the very least I would wish for, for a friend so deserving so no more about that skunk he is nothing like you!

  10. I’m doing quite well, thanks. 🙂 I’m glad to be able to read your work again.

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