Pyres of intent

thToo often hearing the words, moving despite them, closer to harm

for creatures who learn early, love comes with a burn

take it away, repair nothing, leave the year a ring in wooded recall

teach the child the brittle end, let her expect rejection as her pinnacle

you made a tragic art form, blown glass with foggy lies

years spent in devotion count for less than bags of garbage when tepid hearts decide

“we’re over you we’ve used the last drop

it’s time to move on

we won’t idle in the odor of regret

we don’t know how to feel it, miss it, hurt

we are the savagery of after thought

the futility of error seen when all is done

we are the person you poured everything into and found was made of holes

no more able to contain than pages of a story left to drown”

you are cold that leaches in through unseen cracks, til rooms are bare of comfort

sharp motions in night when strangled by insights fury come too late for action

rise of sorrow on a day leached of light, the deepest cut out of sight

you are the sting of salt on eternal wound

sky without the moon closed to bereavement

a generation of rebuke playing like tindered sticks in my head

the one violent regret impossible to mend

you stand vain and empty with everything and nothing

would that I could pull down the sky and wrap you in its void

retrace the steps that led us to pile choice upon choice in anguished folly

I’d swap us for each other, you’d stand in mud, sinking beneath your sorrow

now try to run, better we stay and feel the aftermath bathing our faces expressionless

like the snow from Hiroshima or dust of moths wiped on old bulb

flaking morsels of battle where only one had a sword

you will own your mistake as I shall reinvent my regret

the next time I’ll bring to the table a half struck match

and you, if you are combustible, we shall make pyres of intent

let you turn to cinders before you ever drove the blade in

17 thoughts on “Pyres of intent

  1. “Like the snow from Hiroshima or dust of moths wiped on old bulb” All very vivid filled with imagery but there is something about this line which touches my heart in a very profound and sad way. I think it is because there are certain things we ( I ) don’t want to think about, yet it is the fearless artist who makes them real. And puts them in front of us to see. Thank you so much! You have a rare and beautiful talent!

  2. Oh my but you pulled out all the stops and the pyre went up in flames right before our eyes. This had to be a phenomenal release for you and a catharsis of some sort. The only thing I can think to finalize it would be to print it out and actually set it on fire. As I’ve said over and over again you have this amazing anc uncanny ability to put into words that which others feel but have no words for!!! And so in some way we at times find in your words a comfort that someone else gets what we feel. And how grand that is!!! Je t’aime. 🙂 ❤

  3. It was … a stops pulled out kind of piece I’m glad that was conveyed I thought it was probably too bleak for most, but glad you liked it on some level! So grateful my friend in ways you shall never know although maybe you do being you I think you do 😉

  4. That is a lovely thing to say, I am very grateful that you think so – I try 🙂 I’m so glad you liked this piece I was worried it would be ‘neglected’ beneath the anthem quality of the other one yet if I had to choose I would choose this one as I think it really cuts to the truth of things – the marrow of relationships and people and that’s what I always endeavor to do. I am very glad you see that and appreciate that, it helps me and gives me hope I’m on the right track. Thank you so much. I’m sorry I have not emailed in a few days, I put my shoulder out, probably stress did not help you know how that can exacerbate anything, and i’ve been at the chiro and other things in quite some pain, a subject you know only too well my friend. I am getting better with the help of pain killers which I succumbed to in the end because it was just too much without them, you can do all the yoga in the world but pain really sets you back – anyway I thought of you during this time and I will write once I can get back to typing without it hurting too much xo Please know I have been thinking of you both xo

  5. ha! That’s not true lovely man, not at all. I would say I’m too depressive for most people – but when I do befriend someone who does not mind that I am not always 100 percent positive it’s great because usually that friendship endures. Sometimes I have lost friends who could not cope with my sometimes negative approach, it’s not really negative so much as realistic and not always as pie in the sky as some people would wish for I have found that with some people they really do not want a friend like that and it’s okay – but it’s hard when you have a relationship with someone and they leave you because you are not ‘happy enough’ that really is brutal and all you can ever do is realise it’s not a reflection of you it’s a reflection of what they could not cope with which is better in the long run as they were not ‘the one’ and there are people still out there who could be my friend never forget that, you have so much going for you, you are so talented, many people would be SO lucky to be friends or in love with you.

  6. I completely understand you. About friends and relationships, well it is just like you said, at times my sadness gets in the way and some………well some don’t seem to understand.

  7. You made me laugh! I hope I’m a good “balcony person” for you!!! You sure deserve someone in the wings cheering you on! And I thrilled if that is what it feels like! Je t’aime❣️😘

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