Used to

938271-4096That time

I cut my hair with rusty sheers

just to avoid

hurting you

easier to take it out on myself

rejection makes me a fool

this time

I cut my hair properly and it looked

better than it had since my eyes

did not require to appear full of hope

you always wanted me to keep it long

so I could not see my way out

I stayed

far too still

warm in the notion

you cared

when you had left

long before

and the chill

became something

I was used to


21 thoughts on “Used to

  1. It seems like I called in at a bad time. Beautifully written just very sad. I’ll call back in a bit…

  2. I’m reading an escapist novel – Wilbur Smith’s Pharaoh. He has written several Ancient Egypt novels with one of those ‘love to hate’ characters – he’s so egotistically arrogant πŸ™‚

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