love-takes-off-masks-that-we-fear-we-cannot-live-without-and-know-we-cannot-live-within-18I would wear a mask

made of fur or hide

that would mold its outline to mine

until they were fused indistinguishable

you would say

why do you wear a mask?

don’t you want people to see your face?

and I would reply

no not yet

not even afterward

I wish to exist outside of definition

do not mark me with your label

I wish to be and not be

I wish to hide and be seen

in the eclipse we call


no more honest

than compartments

are capable of containing whole facsimile

or props can be used for their pretence

a make-believe globe cannot a world lend

they are hollow beasts, the mounted heads

glaring from faded walls

it seems at night they can

growl but it is merely

a trick of light

like a magician from emptiness



we all of us are conjurers of reality

deciding our avatars with fickle choice

and where lies among our pretending

one brave enough to bare

themselves to elements of judgement

without veil

without succor

they are naked before storm

approbation beating their rendered limbs

like headmaster lifts the cane and repeats

swish, swish, say after me

I am not worthy

who shall stand despite the welt

defy the master

revive our guilt

till truth be told and masks set to flame

we need not hide, we need to regain


38 thoughts on “Regain

  1. Candice– this makes me picture you as Galadrial or some other ageless woman of power calling down the moon, invoking the word. The hair on my arms stood up– you spell is powerful and we bow before you

    “I would wear a mask

    made of fur or hide

    that would mold its outline to mine

    until they were fused indistinguishable”

  2. Oh, the old mask! And we, us, the once that decide not to wear it get hurt the most. And so we learn to pick and choose which one to use when we are among them all. Like you said, we want to be seen and hide. Candice, Candice…….just the best, you, your words, the way you make them jump and scream, the way you grab my sense……I love it…….thank you

  3. This image “they are hollow beasts, the mounted heads

    glaring from faded walls”…and how you further extend it are exceptional.

    It’s such a bright and clear word image, that stays with you, that delivers the messsage.

  4. I’ve been using wordpress app and I have tried to send some comments and I just realized they aren’t going through!!!!! So i came to your actual site and the app only shows me like one blog post every few weeks it seems and I have missed all of this amazing amazing writing. So don’t mind me while I go through and completely obsess over your blog tonight…….

  5. Is it wrong that identified with that so much? Either way, amazing as always.
    I’ve had a bad day and reading your poetry is like a breath of fresh air. Please never stop. πŸ™‚

  6. I was reading your post about Extrovert/Introvert and that you’re going to be on Medium. but I couldn’t reply as it was on my phone whilst I was waiting for the chiropractor. I’m going to PM you.

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