Reflecting our make

6610155a671a863124b18faa259d9037Born inheriting jaundice

from an incubator world

nobody wanted to hold

the baby with malform

forehead elongated, she held on

wishing not to be born

till calipers force the point

leaving behind viking indent

brand scaring watery soul

who dreamed still of utero

without air banishment

moonshine, her first sup

on the mustard kick of luckless child

unwanted by chain-smoking teens

seeking succor in bricked up people

climbing invisible ladders to some faraway mount

not of tablet and command

more a belief if we earn enough

we can pay away our sin

she was a ward of one

listening to water rise in radiators, surge and grow cold

before her first birthday she learned

life is a scolding pecking bird

retreat inward like sleeping charm

wait out first 18 winters

till freed of snow you take flight

cutting yourself out of smite

the unwanted will inherit their cast

dyed in river beds to wash never indigo

the hue of their regret

O to be counted

surely one more drag, one more wrought night

lying back on pillows watching stars trip beyond

their pinpointed direction never clarified

do they seek their diminishment or

have they already died?

showing their skirt tails like faint ghosts

for weary-eyed consumer of bottled night

blinking as neon sign beneath liquor store

stays on throughout retching dark

luring empty hearts toward comforting glow

we drink because we need to feel full

starve ourselves to let bidden pain flow

cut out the parts that remind us how

we came in and left without touching earth

those children of no consequence

developing thick soles and empty shadows

no wonder then we stay fissure thin

in diminished light of birth

reflecting our make

as weary moon, closes her eyes

flits behind rolling cloud

blocking out acknowledgement

like a candle can be snuffed

between a pinch and rub

you are no more than you were

the crust of you, harder to break

underneath there is a word

waiting in turn to ask


must we inherit for our legacy

indifferent design?

44 thoughts on “Reflecting our make

  1. ouch…painfully true
    “those children of no consequence”
    there are so very many of them too.
    Saw the movie Lion this weekend…wow, what a world we live in.

  2. Thank you, you are not really a slacker in this department though . I have noticed a change in your poetry lately…it was wonderful before but you are surpassing yourself

  3. Heart -touching and heart – breaking, “those children of no consequence” are lying their heads on pillow, if lucky enough to have one, with no one to tuck them in, kiss them goodnight, read them a story or let them know they are loved. So many. Too many and so much indifference. Tears should cover your writing here. Thank you!

  4. OMG this takes me back to my time in paediatrics during my nurses training. Only did a short stint there but it was heartbreaking to see the unwanted little ones. There was one newborn I will never forget. The babe was born very disabled and left in a corner on its own. We were not allowed to offer any comfort or solace – just water. It was left to die. And this is civilised ?

  5. So heartbreaking that any child would be left to die, alone and unwanted. The thought of it makes be cry huge tears from deep down in a part of me that has felt the sting of difference and indifference. Perhaps it is fare less than those of which you were speaking, but enough to know the tragedy of such horrible acts so lacking in kindness and compassion. It never ceases to amaze how you can dig down into the well of your being as well as your experiences and describe in such eloquent words elements, good and bad, of the human condition. Je t’aime, N
    🙂 ❤

  6. I have held many unwanted children. In a nation ripped apart by communism. Words for me were unable to describe the pain I felt within. The pain of the child unable to ask for help! Doctors and nurses- doing the best they could day after day. Silent expressions were the normal- caring and loving was all one had left.And yet in this time of heart ache- a baby/ child would feel the warmth of being held. Touch starvation is a pain- no child should have to go through. I thank every one around the world- that are every day- dealing with situations many of us would run from. And for those who bring it to our attention. Thank you !

  7. Well said. Very well said. I do believe people need to know how many unwanted children exist, and I am glad to always try to spread the unsung and the unheard among us as much as possible – you are so right about touch-starvation that causes me to ache to imagine how they must feel (or not learn to feel). Thank you my friend

  8. You realize that’s a totally great comment right? ‘reading you challenges the placidity of my heart’ I love that! Wow ! Thank you. Huge praise. I realize I am not usually ‘happy go lucky’ and I fear that it may not be a good thing but I Yam what I Yam and I am glad you appreciate whatever that is !

  9. Big hug back my friend – thank you for reading this and commenting on it and feeling I shed light on such things I do try 🙂 It is good to know that it is something that comes across xo

  10. Right? Your example is perfect and so true. It is just … awful. I cannot imagine that .. and yet. Oh what a very sad story. That is horrific and yet … sigh. I don’t know it’s just so cruel and nature can be cruel too. But humans tend to be the cruelest. But also the kindest. Such contrasts.

  11. Am I? Blimey, I better check LOL
    PS On Sunday afternoon, I was out walking and said to the Missus out of the blue ‘EM I’ve just realised what Candice means’ LOL
    Ah, the speed of thought.

  12. YOU! were born to write- The moment YOU! came into this world- YOU! were born for such a time as this…Thank YOU !……..

  13. Wow that is a really, really encouraging and kind thing to say. I am so glad to hear that. I often feel the reverse and so this is very encouraging. Thank you so much for your lovely kindness.

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