The borderlands of your mind

christian-schloe-94There’s a look in her eye

it says I am strong and I do not know

yet how deep this goes

to join with protective arm in the moist earth those who stand before and after

except there will be no after

my child lies sleeping eternal sleep, my womb will no more facsimile

it ends with me

I stand alone when you pass and I remain when you are gone

It is the sorrow you always saw in my eyes

I knew

the price of freedom is to be alone at the last hurdle

a strange familiar pain, turned to in twisted recognition

strength usually accompanied numbers, other families look on

you can hear them with their dismay

she is the poor one who inherits isolation

and what I have learned, is the truth of this and the lie

you may share a name, a legacy, a generation or a string around your finger

and still within you


nobody thinks to inquire in a room-full of noise

you may be speaking loudly, no-one will listen

captivated by their carousel of cacophony

so when you said I was formed of my choices

you were right

and what you missed, was your own price

for we all believe ourselves immortal to obscurity

it is my fate to understand this

it is your torment to chase

the dragon you seek and avoid

he will never let you catch him

you will never discover why

the borderlands of your mind

make enemies of love so well

36 thoughts on “The borderlands of your mind

  1. this kind of beauty in writing inspires me to keep going with mine. I thank people with beautiful words like you who are strong enough to share them. I gave up writing when I was 17 until I was inspired by other’s writing to start again and I am so happy I did it. Your writing right now makes me so happy I started it again.

  2. I’m so glad that you are writing again. It is easy to give it up and hard sometimes to keep going but I think you are definitely doing the right thing and I hope you will never give it up. xo xo xo

  3. thank you so much Sue you are absolutely right about that line it really was the key line in the poem I’m glad it stuck out to you xo thank you again because your support means the world to me

  4. All wonderful and I especially love the imagery of the last hurdle and being alone there. Perhaps, taking a glance to the hurdles passed …perhaps taking a deep breath of wonder as one looks ahead. So unknown and so alone. Thank you !

  5. “a strange familiar pain, turned to in twisted recognition

    strength usually accompanied numbers, other families look on”

    Those words brought tears to my eyes and I do not know why (perhaps I do but I rather not look)

  6. C, in the end we all stand alone. We come into this world alone and we got out alone. Our lives are peopled with an assortment of people be they siblings, spouses, chlldren, friends, acquaintances, lovers. co-workers and on and on the list goes. And their permanence in our lives comes and goes as well. I wish you had had that child you had wanted, but even that is impermanent in the sense that a child grows up and make his/her own life and then the parent becomes only a part of the background of her/her lives. Even in a long time marriage like mine, it changes over time waxing and waning like the moon in it’s significance. So too we are all formed by our choices, even not choosing is a choice. But when it’s all said and done and the dust clears at the last hurdle we are all alone as we pass out of this world. Love and hugs, N 🙂 ❤

  7. Dearest Candice, this line is like an arrow it is so chillingly accurate.

    “the price of freedom is to be alone at the last hurdle.”

    The wanderer, the free spirit, the recluse may indeed die alone, so it is up to him or her to suck the marrow out of life beforehand.


  8. Thank you so much Sue – always for your candor, honesty and support and the treat of your work xo You are one of the few I know speaks only truth and that is worth everything.

  9. Yes very well said! I think it goes back to some quote I heard about you’re not going to be popular if you are honest and vice-versa. Much truth in that. Much truth. xo

  10. You speak the truth my friend. I must confess I used to idealistically think if you had children and/or were married you would have these deep bonds that were unbreakable and stopped you being alone but as I get older I’m more of your opinion that despite any connections like marriage and children we are alone, and even in a long marriage, and as you say, even what we do not choose. Then again it depends how we see ‘being alone’ and also the value we put on our ‘connections’ if I think say, of my connection with YOU then I realize, I may feel lonely but I do not feel as lonely as if I had not met you. So in that there is beauty and wonder. Thank you for always giving me the insight you hold, you teach me as you go, and you inspire me to keep going.

  11. Excellent thought lovely Candice! Yes our connections do indeed keep us from feeling as lonely!!! And as you say there is beauty and wonder in that! And you my dear are one of my prized and wondrously beautiful treasures‼️ Je t’aime❣️😘

  12. The key to the honest person’s survival is to pick your battles. Don’t say everything that pops in your head. There are many things that should be left unsaid or said in dilplomatically candid way.

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