There you are


about one hundred years ago

or three years

or just yesterday

I lay in your bed

smelling the indent and the roll

of your dream life when I am not

trying to look through your eyes

into your soul

About one hundred years ago

or three years

or just yesterday

I stood over your bed

stripping the sheets

smelling where you lived and breathed

all those nights and days

we should have been making memories

now folded away

About one hundred years ago

or three years

or just yesterday

I smoothed the mattress clear

of the weight you inhabited and

little traces curled here and there

persisting to remind me

of the way the moon lit

your sleeping face

now you will always have your eyes closed

maybe now you can see

the shapes of angels

watching over you until

it is my turn and I come to find

if you have been waiting all this time

a year, a month, a day

one hour is too long

without looking into your eyes

to see what I love reflecting back

like dark diamonds capturing stars

will wink out

and there you are

50 thoughts on “There you are

  1. Candice, I love the repetitive start to each stanza and terrific quote in French. A part is missing from me. Lovely, Keith

  2. Thank you so much, yes, that has been my pervading emotion of late, I wish I had the ability to disassociate from my emotions enough to write more objectively, sometimes I do, sometimes they are too insistent. xo

  3. Interesting twist, I didn’t see the turn coming. I would love to know the background to this, one day.

  4. Grief, heartache, longing and love so beautifully conveyed in every line. Your writing stirs my emotions. Thank you for sharing your gift Candice, much love always my friend. 💜

  5. Reblogged this on mvitrano and commented:
    Grief, heartache, longing and love so beautifully conveyed in every line. If you don’t already follow Candice Daquin at TheFeatheredSleep you should.

  6. What can I say that has not already been said here? This is eveything that I said before about your incredible gift and how it touches people’s hearts and puts into to words that which we feel but have not the words for. Je t’aime, N 🙂 ❤

  7. Candice Louisa
    This is one was one of those Texas Love Songs that has a happy bouncy tune
    and “liricos tristes” (sad lyrics).
    Wow! You did it without music.
    I am proud of you and jealous and feel like I found a diamond at the flea market.
    This is better than your best. A preface to your life’s work.
    So freaking excellent.

  8. Dearest Larry, hello there, thank you for calling me by my full name people rarely do and I so appreciate it 🙂 I do remember that song now that you mention it, (I think) I love that kind of music, this really is nothing like that kind of music, then again the bitter sweet aspect maybe? Ah my flea market doesn’t even sell good second hand My Little Ponies so i’m sure you could find me there, that’s so lovely of you to say, thank you now I only have myself to live up to 😉 (hugs) (and kudos to anyone who says ‘freaking’ I love that expression) xo

  9. Instant favourite and I love the way you’ve done it with the repetitions. Yes, in French it is that much more poignant, isn’t it? Just like this piece 💜

  10. I loved this poem, “smelling where you lived and breathed”. I imagine a four poster bed (the old style that rich people have), where the posts stand high, and the see-through fabric is flowing overhead, and sheets are silk and the duvet is brocade. I sound like a daydreamer don’t I? Hugs xo

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