kal-yuga-2God did not speak to me

when I laid my head on your cold chest

He did not utter counsel nor

light a pathway

though still I listened

for an utterance or bright star

reflecting faith

I thought

if God is within me

I must find my own way

painting my feet the color of observance

ground ripe with reverberation

as forehead touching, I bowed

to some saint or sound beyond my own

phallic in his disapproval of my unwrapped head

there are so many Gods of men

and not so many who favor women

I asked GIA do you know why

the female Goddess is so quiet?

She smiled and the world split itself

into many fingered dancers

surely you know girl

she is everything and all around us

no need for words

they are the threadbare pockets of men

who failing to curb their lust

turn instead to science and Viagra

you do not need to concern yourself

Kali knows the direction well

she has danced it in blue slippers

every full moon

and women who carry their children

low in orchid womb

taste her in the brine of the Yangtze river

and the very tips of their new born’s tongue

as she licks her way into consciousness

we pass from each other the key

mother’s and life entwined as one set of beads

fickle is life

long the chain of dancers

holding their children high like

honeycomb candles lit for prayer

beneath the rusty hem of the world

33 thoughts on “Faithless

  1. So beautiful! ” like honeycomb candles lit for prayer” ” beneath the rusty hem of the world ” seems so accurate and the two lines together are so vibrantly visual! Thank you!

  2. Thank you. I love how burning honey candles smells, they are so expensive or I would burn them night and day. Then again not sure the bees would be too happy about that ๐Ÿ˜‰ This was my paltry effort at trying to understand a concept of God that I have hitherto been unable to fathom. Thank you for reading and your comment you help me learn and grow.

  3. My life is not to defend God! He is capable of hearing and answering the heart of people who feel distant and unable to hear. For me- it was knowing God and his ways. God’s prevailing self – revelation is His Love, Graciousness, forgiveness and Mercy, By faith I allow this understanding of God’s nature to shape my character and thinking accordingly. Do I struggle- yes of course, I am not perfect- and that I do know.

  4. Yes. I used to think love solved all. I think theoretically it still does, not everyone is that fortunate to find it, though some find it in agape love of course, which is different and more sustaining if you believe. Ultimately I know love is the only thing worth anything, but our world makes it challenging for sure.

  5. I totally agree with you. Sometimes – with respect- I wish you lived around the corner- then we could talk face to face.I hear your heart very clearly honestly. I have been through a revolution- seen the pain of many. My heart has always been about people- and always wondering why why why! I long for the reality of life so much- and yet I am not easily fooled.Thanks…….

  6. Ah I have totally felt that way, I have met a few people online I wished so badly were neighbors, why aren’t neighbors that favorite online person? Why do they live so far away? I don’t know, other than being grateful that we have communication irrespective. I think seeing the pain, the empathy and compassion of that, opens you entirely and like a flower you bloom.

  7. Lovely response- I hear you loud and clear. I am grateful for opportunities. Deep reaches deep- I have walked many path ways of pain and regret, I never hide behind God. I am thankful to him- for sending you in to my life on earth. To learn and I mean really learn. So I am very thankful you are alive in my time. And- I am sure many others are. You are the wind that blows away the dust and meaningless chit chat. So be happy my friend- you have a gift- and glad you use it…..

  8. I think the distinction is that you do not hide ‘behind’ God – as that to me seems like the most honest and loving way to practice your faith. Thank you my friend – yes I’m not one for small talk either – I’m glad we can address real subjects.

  9. I was thinking about doing a post on The Golden Ass by Apuleius which has an amazing conversion scene at the end to Isis… you have spurred me on.

  10. Strangely when I saw the pic I thought of that – then I dismissed it. Okay good to know, glad I know whom I am talking to! I was looking at your site yesterday, some of the art you find, I don’t know how you do it, always things i’ve never even seen, that is rare, love it.

  11. Thank you… several people have advised that I need to have a name so instead of ending up on Eddie izzard sites when you google my name you end up looking at my writing. I am not so sure myself I am very fond of my being called Cake. Alex isn’t my real name though it’s a pen name. Not sure I could get published or even if I really want to. Anyway you know that my admiration for your writing knows no bounds.

  12. Mankind has done it’s best to stomp out the female goddess. But in women like you, I see her strength. Do well written.

  13. Eric I know others will agree with me when I say, a man of your depth is a perfect friend and support to any woman and any woman who has you in her life is richer for it. THAT is a fact.

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