Except smell

I did not speak your language

until I learned in the dust of play

communicating with shapes and funny faces

then I understood more until

giving away who I was 

I embraced your world

step by step accents relent

we pawn our histories

to fit in better like the crayon

is never quite the right hue

coughing scarlet consumptive 

we want to be unseen unnoticed

to fly at night when all are sleeping

do not point us out in a crowd

or remind us of who we once were

the immigration of battleworn hearts

denies who we were before we marooned ourselves

in other tongues, other culture

they say you never forget your childhood

what do they know? sitting in the same

room as when they were knee high

the truth is you forget almost anything

except smell

and when you come to hold me close

you ask me why do you cry?

and the cumin of your hair is

something I can never explain

except with hands making

feelings out of air


24 thoughts on “Except smell

  1. Love, “to fit in better like the crayon is never quite the right hue “. You know I can relate to being the crayon left out of the box. Such a wonderful visual analogy…..the perfect box of crayons, new with their pointy heads and wrap around clothes. They look at me…..I look at them…..and we both agree….I just don’t fit in!

  2. I always feel like after reading your writing I am putting down a good book. LIke ok, that’s all the reading I need for today, that was a great book!

  3. Ok I don’t know if I explained that correctly!!!! I feel like I feel after I have read a good book after I read your poetry!

  4. My lovely girl – I always understand – and I feel much the same way about you except that you tend to inspire me to be more courageous I think you are far more courageous than YOU realize and your words evoke that so well

  5. I wish I could write as often as you and each time you do it is high quality, I write less but I try, although for every ‘good’ one there are some very bad ones that I throw! 😉 you don’t seem to be capable of writing something bad that I have yet to witness. You are a powerhouse of poetry, and a great head inspiration of the collective for that very reason

  6. I definitely dont see myself that way so it is nice to hear you say it and let my brain process it. Some days I wonder if i am making a difference at all which is wha i had hoped when i started my blog but being that i am a bit lost myself i dont know f i rule have the wisdom to help others.
    Im having a vulnerable day can you tell??!!!!

  7. Personally I think I have a handful of really transcendent poems and a whole lot of not bad work. The really bad stuff never sees the light of day! Recently I have mixing new work with older pieces that barely were seen. I have been going back and honing them down to their essence. It has been a revelation to revisit the work from the worst of my depression. I honestly probably wasn’t worries nearly as much as I should have been about how far I had drifted into the abyss.

  8. I read that Sylvia Plath never threw a poem away, she re-worked them until they were what she wanted. I think that is a good discipline for the most part, I’m glad you have honed them and given them a voice rather than tossed them aside. It is startling to revisit an emotional state, maybe especially when you feel you haven’t progressed, just as much as when you feel you have and you hardly recognize the former self.

  9. The poem is wonderful. Had real life feel and the words made the readers feel the emotions and the thoughts. I lked how you enthine two people together . Thank you for sharing the amazing poetry.

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