I do not have one photograph of me in a crowd

since I was 15

dispersal it seems

happens when clams

decide they do not want to be eaten

lying upside down in shell

rocking slightly to the swell

of another’s hunger

nor does the sour effervessence of champagne

dull the gritty pearl’s fate

when she is presented raw and quivering

longing for the sea and the weight of water

upon her shell

perhaps that is why shell fish was outlawed

in the Tulmud

we sit in our red tents

beyond the barnacled city walls

wondering at such things

and though we stand alone in photographs

it feels much like we are in a crowd

for the boyance of honesty is best of all

perhaps like pearls comprised of rubbed elements

swirling into circles

the truth has a way of

brining us back to shore


15 thoughts on “Social

  1. I too have few photographs and have always felt I was standing alone. ” pearls comprised of rubbed elements ” is a wonderful metaphor for our lives as we age. Each experience changing us one way or another….for better or worse. Thank you for sharing your gifts!

  2. There she is! I just got back from a very snowy (blizzard) trip to New England. I thought of you whilst there as I saw more of the typical countryside we’d have grown up with than in TX. xo Sending you a now warm hug xo

  3. ha ha ha ha! It was SO not predicted or expected of course! Typical! I had to laugh ! (the tears would have frozen!) xo my dad came up and we toured New England, it was ‘interesting’ to say the least.

  4. For some reason, reminds me of an old joke:
    Scientist (to returning astronaut): Tell me, is there life on Mars?
    Astronaut: Only on Saturday night.

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