Unrequited love longs

New York in The 1960's - 70's (3)I didn’t know you felt that way

just as the golden-haired girl

with bleached French roots

didn’t know I felt for her

(or worse, knew, and felt

less than dismissal)

we are ebony dominoes

pass the plain papered parcel

our affections whittled and sharpen

by the smoky knowledge we can never

confess ourselves or pardon

to objects of secreted passion

so remote and out of touch

the girl who falls for

a woman who loves men

the heterosexual who has a crush

on a flamboyant boy

things get broken without throwing

why is emotion so deluded?

I will never tell her my secret

just as you will not reveal yours

in our actions and what we do not say

there is the truth

explaining the easy pain of social discourse

masking itself behind awkwardness

when she talks about the men she dates

I dare not say … choose me you fool

I could make you dance

in a way you have not yet discovered

some people hang out of reach

even for sailors

leaning into the confessional surge

I can empathize

I would never have said yes to unwanted

dinner guests

so why should she entertain a cliché?

girls who like girls fall for those who

cannot be reached across life boats

better I hold my green tongue

admire from afar

the provoking shape of her

the way she knows

people are watching

her sway to

unrequited love songs


58 thoughts on “Unrequited love longs

  1. “choose me you fool” oh my yes. I’ve thought that. Often. Usually after they complain for the umpteenth time about their relationship. That desire to shout “I’m right in front of you! See me!” Love it.


      1. mmm I don’t know, WP is hinky at the best of times. It’s the one called something like The Golden Lady and it’s about a woman (true story) who urges the German’s to give back a Klimt painting that was stolen by the Nazi’s – really worthy film very, very good

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah you ole rake you! I think if you stare out of your window you will see a long line of poets queuing up with bouquets of appreciation for the YOU who is YOU. Don’t underestimate yourself .. it’s you who breathes fire into so many things. So many things.

        Liked by 1 person

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