2590c0d371273807a2ebdc59d77c1595Fling yourself open she said

Oh no please don’t !

Smile until your skin peaks off they’ll never know or see

The pensive sadness waiting in the wings

Hide hide

Behind this fading ballroom grind

Comedians you see, are often glad to make you laugh

For they get to quiet their own demons

Show off, bedazzle, purchase a moment not your own

Through the glamor hide thoroughly

A slow leak of helium

Deflating in falsetto voice

Out of sight we stand in front of the world wearing our curse

A red bow tie, unraveling into rope, garters make a sordid welt

Lest we reveal

Lest we reveal

The truth

Behind broken smile

14 thoughts on “Flung

  1. So very true my wise and deep friend. I know you would not say you were deep and it is true you live in sunlight as much as moonlight but you are VERY deep. (just one of the many things that I appreciate about YOU)

  2. I love ” behind the broken smile” which I have perfected. My demons are never quite quiet enough. Thank you for sharing your gifts! My broken smile has fooled so many. Of course, I can’t myself.

  3. Thank you dear one. I know this of you, you give so much to others never asking for yourself. Your radiance improves the world, earth bound angels walk the toughest walk but they make the world bearable.

  4. I agree. I have a bad habit of finalizing statements, meaning I imply by my intensity that this doesn’t apply to all on some level, because the level I’m thinking of is another level which is perhaps not as typical – but yes everyone is definitely capable of it (some really frighten me though because they seem quite the reverse!) but some seem to merge into this powerhouse of spirit more naturally (who could I be referring to?) 😉 (ditto)

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