After The Devil

Hijacked Amygdala just celebrated its first birthday here on WP-Land. We are still going strong & thank everyone who has followed us & supported us. Continued highlighting and awareness of Mental Health is more necessary than ever. Please note this is an X-rated post.

hijacked amygdala


After The Devil

she chose a hermaphrodite

it was quite by accident he did not advertise on his dirty t-shirt

or the dirt underneath his bittern nails

something about the sad premature crease

of his grief and a slowness when they sat

drinking in silence listening to Nick Cave, fingers entwined

an ugly cupid with smooth hairless face and small hands

he had more passion in his molten brand of madness

drew her out of herself like a needle filled with blood

why shouldn’t she feel again? she was only

half used up

the finger prints of her humiliation could not

come off in his porcelain bath but there was some comfort

crushed underneath a new lover

her heart after all was deformed

mistake and gore of nature in her grandeur

how unhinged people can hold each other up

understanding the slur of repulsion

he took a photo of her…

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