No iron

If you said

I am cold

stitch me something to wear

out of moments

choose the pieces with inside pockets

we can lean closest to

before we let go

bidding adieu

those memories

treasured pieces

lain flat and held

by tremulous hand

one swathe for our life

cut down like barley lying golden

he made his absolution

arching windows cast the tiles mirage of eastern colors against stucco

fabric whispers a song

furnishing breath

as two red throttled birds

will roost

their ease

filling silence

with comfort

everyone sees him through your eyes now


a kind of mosaic peace

two minutes

stretching like feeble light

can reach further than possibility

they say you marry your father

my father thinks of himself and fits what he can next to him

in a boat for one purpose


and I see

how many times that was echoed

where I wondered at the empty feeling in my hands

after you made no effect

and expectation became a sore word

lost in tumble-dryer

set to spin on

no iron

25 thoughts on “No iron

  1. “In a boat for one purpose – alone” Beautifully written to describe how some people live their lives. Sad. Wonderful verse for a black / white visual image. So few words which say so much is one of your amazing talents. Thank you for sharing your gifts!

  2. The use of imagery in your poetry leaves me breathless. Amazing use of such harmonious-sound words too! It is a pleasure to read your work!

  3. No – event free except for today. I tripped on the curb and ended up sitting in the gutter! Dented pride, a few cuts and bruises πŸ™‚

  4. Oh no! I hope you are okay? And then to have to get back in the car and sit for hours, that would cause you to feel stiff if nothing else. I hope you took a hot bath if you were able, later on, and maybe massaged the owie bits? I’m sorry, it’s horrid to fall humiliating and scary, but a good story all in all to the intrepid travels! (Skippy says hi)

  5. Hello Skippy πŸ™‚ My fall from grace did leave me a bit battered and bruised, but I survived with surprisingly little consequences. A good sleep and some massage oils have worked magic !

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