Anti Club

6569729_origWho is that girl?

standing polishing her shoes

surely it is not me

who will mount the steps

open her mouth

speak the words

I am not afraid of commitment

I simply do not seek it

which could be selfish or disinterested

not all wish to affix

nor the involvement of cliques

groups and movements

especially trends

a month of this a month of that

they rush like birds caught in a net

to the sound of the next buzz

no original thought

whosoever a tide must push

nearer nearer to becoming as

everyone else strings a merging

I wish not

to join in

become part of


affix membership

lead or equally


humanities need to run in pairs

groups and marathons

crowd fund the day

and I

who matter nothing in any way

irrespective of in distinction

long to hear the turning tide speak

go your own way

and if that way is opposite

to the herd

so be it

you will find the going


sometimes empty

but for some

this is the taste they need

to keep purpose or


afloat in

the debris

of afterward


(This is an internal debate, highly subjective, that I often have with myself. The irony of posting on social media that I find social media unhealthy for the majority. Yet I stand by it. I am only on FB to increase book sales, FB stands for everything I don’t relate to. I am not judging anyone else, but sometimes I look around and wonder, how many people don’t want to socialize versus those who seem to need it like a drug. It makes me feel like I am not normal because I see my closest friends literally jump out of their skin unless they feel validated by others, affirmed by socializing, and as I get older I need it less and less and never ever “need” to go out and socialize. Then again, if we are social animals, is this natural? If it isn’t, why does it feel natural? As for ‘joining in’ that has been an anathema my entire life, I can’t stand the ‘club’ mentality though it is so pervading especially in the US. I find it an interesting subject especially as those who are less social are very condemned by the majority as having something wrong with them).

44 thoughts on “Anti Club

  1. Beautifully deep thought. I enjoy the close relations that I have developed using this medium. Relations which would not be possible without it.

    But I understand the unhealthy nature of it. We all wish to be something beautiful. Lack of attention in the social media realm could translate to being digitally shunned for one reason or the next.

    It’s a problem and a blessing.

    Much love, Warrioress. 💙

  2. Excellent. We can’t all be joiners. My clubs (cricket and rugby) were activity based. I enjoyed the socialisation that came with cricket, although not the object of joining; I never quite felt the same about the rugby.

  3. Know what you mean…I’ve always gone my own way, sometime rebelliously
    Another insightful and excellent post my friend. ღ

  4. I think we have to allow room at the table of life for all people regardless of their insecurities and/or preferences regarding socializing. For some of us, we find a need for occasional social gatherings or pursuits while at the same time wanting to keep the freedom not to do so if we so choose. I too do not engage in much of anything on Facebook except in regard to comments about my blogs or with others bloggers or with a few whom I know not to perpetually and ad nauseum post the mundane or echoes of like-minded people who want me to agree or sharethe all to often things that have been repeated so frequently that whatever impact they might have had is gone. But again that is my choice and my choice alone and I prefer to let others engage in whatever socialing they choose to do or not do. Well written post! 🙂 ❤

  5. Very true. It must be choice. A person who decries it, is as bad as someone who says everyone should (be social). That said, there is a HUGE belief that being social is ‘right’ and being non-social or not very social is ‘wrong’ and I would say, this is perhaps inaccurate though in my case I believe my lack of social is the consequence of being let-down and betrayed. That is not a good reason to be less social.

  6. Ah! Well rugby is a brutal sport ! Such polar opposites – cricket and rugby – I find that interesting and perhaps accurate in that we have two sides to us? The vigor and the peacemaker?

  7. Oh I agree 100% everyone has the right to be as social or non-social as they feel comfortable with. And I also tend to be non-social a lot actually especially now that I’m retired and not required to be as much. I’ve never been good at meaningless and/or mundane conversation. I will endure it for a bit to be polite. But I am a bit of an odd duck and so others don’t always want to spend a lot of time talking to me either. That’s why I feel so strongly that everyone should be allowed to be as social or non-social as they prefer. And so you are quite correct when you say there is no right or wrong about. It is a choice and must be honored and accepted❣😘

  8. Strange, to which email? I didn’t get them (boo!) if it’s the old gmail one, try the main one ( because I didn’t get anything and I Just checked this AM and really want to see!

  9. Yes so true, small-talk is especially maddening for me too. If you are an odd duck then I must really love odd ducks (I do actually) there are some incredible odd ducks give them them over a plain Canadian Goose any day 😉 Very true about the rights of individuals, the word ‘introvert’ having been negative for so long, should be more accepted. I used to be an extrovert, funny how you can change, as you say, maybe circumstance in part.

  10. It was a good trip despite the hiccups along the way. Nice to be in my own bed. Sleeping well, and the achey bits are, well, less achey 🙂

  11. I always consider myself in great company with fellow odd ducks‼️ I was an introvert until my second year at TCU and I met such a great group of people during the summer before that I broke out of my shell as it were and became somewhat of an extrovert. Now I think if myself as an ambivert. In the right place and time and with the right people I am extrovertish but I also find pleasure and comfort in being an introvert the rest of the time. 😊❤️

  12. I’m with you again, completely! I’ve been so antisocial lately and WTF is all this FB shit with the likes for absolute crap and everybody wanting to be part of things not even knowing or caring what it’s about. Ice bucket challenge? Changing your profile pic to the rainbow flag? Everybody getting involved with that photograph of the young dead child washed up on the beach? They all jump on it like vultures on dead bodies and they have forgotten all about it 5 minutes later. Such fucking idiocy, nobody knows anything and yet everybody gets involved. Why? Because they need it and why? Because they are empty shells. Needless to say, I’ve gone against that kind of shit all my life. I’m too much of a contrarian, I know that… but I’d still rather be that, than somebody who follows crowds having no idea why. I just want to go get lost in the woods with a book at the moment and I’m rather down on people…can you tell? Haha

  13. I hate Facebook. I hate most social media (she says, writing this on social media). I don’t see WP as social media so much as writing-group. I can’t abide FB though (or Twitter though you crack me up totally with Twitter). I KNOW it’s ‘necessary’ but I’d be well happy walking away from it, I often think of just closing it all – but then I wouldn’t have met some of the people I have met (not on FB but some on WP). You’re right, it’s so lemming-like. Why are people so unoriginal? People LOVE trends and following. You’re not too much of a contrarian. NOT AT ALL and yeah so am I (down on society) ha ha ha! Cheer us up, do a dance! Film it! 😉

  14. I concur! I love odd ducks! I can see how TCU would pull you out of your (feathers) I just love the atmosphere there, it’s a brilliant place to be. Something so right. Yes I have a TCU sticker on my car, blanket, cup, tshirt, sweater, etc 😉 addiction. Ambivert is a good place to end up my friend. You are covered in WIN if you ask me.

  15. I’m so sorry I should have told you what is wrong with me? I thought I did but I’m sure I forgot. What an idiota. I got rid of that one after my meltdown and departure last time! (drama!)

  16. Yeah 🙂 Tess was soooo happy to have us home. She has been glued to side ever since. Christopher moved back in with a cohort of friends he co-opted to help him babysit the dog as he deemed it too onerous on top of working, lol ! I’m now slowly returning the house back to a semblance of order

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