You will lose

Lg_image_of_scolds_bridleThe glitterati

the critics

the populists


you will lose if

you write about Israel instead of Palestine

if you speak of Republicans not Democrats

if you emphasize feminism over patriarchy

if you ask why reverse racism isn’t decried with equal equality?

if you don’t apply fake tan by Spring

if you don’t die your roots when white scream shows through

if you say no to invitations to museum openings

if you don’t pretend you like fish chowder in New England

you will lose

if you can’t fake an orgasm

if you can’t pretend to be happy

if you can’t do a 5K and apply the bumper sticker

if you want more than a box with four corners

if you need truth over societal cacophony

if you pick staying home over social gatherings

Oh god, home, the empty temple of feathers

if you read a book that’s not on Oprah’s list

if you don’t like Jane Austin or Billy childish

if you approve of Brexit

if you want peace but also believe

sometimes in war

if you need a fix and everybody has been juicing since 2004

if you still smoke in your mind if not in your hand

If you bathe rather than shower and eat figs with unwashed hands

if you like drunks and melt-downs and unwell folk

over gyms and workaholics and hipster beards

if you don’t think a woman over 50 is invisible

If you want to touch her like this, just here, yes

if you don’t believe in knee-jerk vaccinations for HPV

if you think Shingles is a symptom of grief as much as

an arms worth of plague

if you like honey more than jam

you will lose if

you don’t shave into a triangle or wax

if you try to grow daffodils instead of cacti in the desert

if you don’t get your flaws frozen off at the secret dermatologist

if you gave up wearing push up bras when they hurt

Hey boys, get a life

if you didn’t remember all the eighties top hits nor cared for boy george

if you read instead of talk with your mouth full

if you don’t want to retail and you buy second-hand

if you think the planet should depopulate not reproduce

if you think choice

isn’t a dirty word

if you think rape

can happen anywhere

if you believe justice

is owned by man

if you think cars

cost too much and clog up the landscape

you will lose

by opting out of the din of most social media platforms

you will lose decrying our

infernal need for attention,  narcissism

and selfishness abounding

you will lose when you go on vacation

and see only the misery of the local

starved by tourists expectation,  fired upon your return for taking time off and not taking your phone

you will lose when you expect small talk

to be vanquished and long conversations

about life to resume

don’t wait for the bleep

don’t hold your breath

don’t anticipate


that sometimes you must lose

in order to see




36 thoughts on “You will lose

  1. Good place for a first time comment on your blog. I couldn’t agree more. Can I substitute olives for figs however? i would be forever grateful. Thank you. BTW, I’m a big fan. 🙂

  2. Dear Daniel, thank you firstly for your first comment and taking the time to write – I appreciate that and you. Well as an unabashed huge olive fan I will accept the replacement happily! 😉 Thank you again – really grateful

  3. Thank you dearly! I am glad to meet a fellow honey fan over jam (no knock on jam it’s great but give me honey any day!) I like the Canadian Clover Honey the best, you? Runny honey seems sweeter though I realize there is little difference. Manukka honey is good too but so expensive! Thank you my friend!

  4. Thank you lovely one – I miss your words – you are always on every first bird call of the day – waking me to the pursuit of things – urging me on when the kitchen is cold and I don’t want to tie my shoes – I hear you – northern vowels bending – you can do this – you can do this. You are the lantern in that first run in the dark as the mist still swallows part of reality.

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