La Fin de Chéri

(Influence from; La Fin de Chéri, Colette 1926. )



one day you will either strike yourself out

with an exact deepening cut

or own the world with vinegar fingertips

coloring upturned lips

looking through letters in search of single word

to describe the ecstasy of youth

though before all these things I had

you first

before you knew what you were

and only lay in my arms shivering with

the desire of a young boy caught in his lust

one day when I am old

I will remember your beauty and capture

wound around your pomegranate mouth like cold leaves its burn and sun turns boys to gold

then looking into half drunk glasses and fallen buttons I shall

smile crookedly at my mad fortune

if fortune is the word

to describe amusing memories

when boys knew nothing of themselves

when girls were powerful and roamed their needs

like hungry bees seek nectar and we all rummage the pockets of our clothes

hoping for a missed penny

for time may lie against us

a sharpness in daylight glinting

but for those brief afternoons

when we have yet to inherit ourselves

know nothing of the plight of fading

with each wrought year

you looked to me for learning

I knew a little more by virtue of bad experience

and my belly full of wine and violence

turning them to my own understanding

touching you as your mother would

then something different, deeper, untaught

a house with many shutters

open one, touch the countenance of my pearl

you sighed

just like a girl opening herself

your legs as smooth as mine

your lips fuller and pursing toward

the need

I bowed sleekly

not because I honored you

but to feel the excitement quickening

against your muscled thighs

gathering that brief surge of fickle love

before it spilt and grew

sweetly cold between us

I felt that first

acrid taste of power

rolling underneath scotch blankets starved of end

not my kind yet

you were a beautiful boy

soft against me pliant by longing

I held this over our heads like a shawl

blocking out harsh light

inspecting its temporary reflection

your wistful elongate pursed in quiver

a silver arrow ready to pierce

any who chance your heart

and in years to come when

my hands are tired of making shadows

I will think of you and amuse myself

the girl who inherited memories and made

palaces of them

you can be my Chéri and

I, the woman who painted solace to your




23 thoughts on “La Fin de Chéri

  1. Do you ever read something at just the right time to strike 2 different chords? I read this this morning and something in it gave me the thought for Glimpses.(even though I know they have nothing in common). Then I read right now and it hit me in a completely different way and it heightened this feeling of lustful tension I’m currently experiencing. Excellent.

  2. Wow. That’s some powerful stuff. When mere words can create emotions more powerful than any physical action, that’s when the true perspective of humanity is revealed. Bravissimo.
    Insta- @mark.bailes
    Twitter- @markbailes6

  3. Very well said! I totally agree (mark?) perhaps the ‘purest’ communication wll always be in movement/emotion but to convey it via words means we are finally understanding the value of being human and using our thinking in some positive manner.

  4. I do! That happens quite a bit I know what you mean exactly. To be honest I think many times when we are ‘inspired’ indirectly we may write something that nobody could tell was inspired by the source, but yet it was so I understand what you mean. Tension of any kind is good in writing isn’t it? xo

  5. I tend to see potato chip books as yummy but not very filling. Actually I have been reading a fantasy series ( that I like very much but hardly classical literature. My guilty pleasure is young adult fantasy and sci fi. I have always wanted to write it. I actually have a strong yearning to reread The Night Circus but I may have lent my copy out (or it could be in my kid’s room– a black hole for books!)

  6. Oh I’m so guilty then. I read The Night Circus that was great. I’m with you on Sci-Fi I LOVE Sci-Fi. My guilty pleasure is definitely that. Good choice 😉 (going crazy over the Alien films due out)

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