The shivering of sound


took my hand

gentle the lash of sorrow

hung so long by peg

from back of door

becoming cloak

before long, unable to discern color

this monochrome grief bird

pecking holes in resolve

walk a mile in anyone’s shoes

feel their ache dye the price

the shivering of sound

bricks cast in tears

yellow is today

the door stands open

what of it?

outside first oleander fall

petals mixed with grass

studying full sky

swollen in accumulation

as we smile unbidden

collapsing our pinned ideals

inside our skirts

as we hike them higher

to avoid water mark

17 thoughts on “The shivering of sound

  1. The wings of hope are very wide…when you ride on them, all sorrows fly away and merge into the clouds. What we need is the faith in hope and positive thoughts, which can melt mountains of darkness. Stay blessed!


      1. True. I recall ones in the Lake District that were like mini-lakes you could see the grass underneath it was a fairy world quite beautiful – here’s hoping this year is not as wet for you as it was a bit awful last year but you got through it.

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