In delirium, in neglect

hijacked amygdala


“I don’t want to hear a bloody THING about you, you’re a waste of silence, say nothing, speak no more”

“Not even to explain why?”

“Who cares why? What is the truth behind any why? It’s just a deck of cards, spilling into bath water after all, plug-in the radiator and throw it in, BANG BANG now we have something to talk about, electrocution, far more illuminating than fucking human problems … ”

“I want to tell you why I hate myself so much.”

“I don’t give a DAMN why you hate yourself. I’m GLAD you hate yourself.”

“Why are you so hateful?”

Hate, Hate, Hate. Because I’d rather drink lemonade. Because the world runs on it darling didn’t you know? Piss & vinegar inherited the earth.”

“I did know.”

“Then? Why the hell are you surprised?”

“I thought if you really tried you could communicate with someone, make them…

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24 thoughts on “In delirium, in neglect

  1. I join a long line of people who are actually truthfully deeply thankful you exist in this world Eric. You touch lives, every day, in profound and lasting ways, how many do that? Not many I think. You have a pure heart. It is very rare and very needed.

  2. No matter how much we hate each other or ignore each other. Whatever the case may bring…the truth will back fire on us all. It’s not going to happen now or 5 years maybe till humans have realized it further than they know themselves.

    Fury of emotions and brilliant.

  3. Wow Candice!! My protective instincts kicked in immediately, and I was thinking, don’t talk to her like that!
    The imagery you create is always breath taking. Amazing! I’m kind of at a loss for words, like usual haha

  4. 🙂 Thank you so much! I appreciate you liking this. I know sometimes I’m a bit camera obscura but I try hard to shine a light on those things others do not, in hope of freeing the whole cage full. I am grateful to you my friend.

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