4-Phoenix-Tattoo-for-womanShe’s got a 22 inch waist

An 35 mm neck warm to the touch

the stage is 12 x 12 and doll houses

never have enough rooms

a pinch is less than a millimeter

you are four inches shorter than you were

standing on your toes shaving shame

anorexics cannot compare themselves

pounds to kilo like bags of soft fruit afraid to rot

the human body used to provide basis for units of length

in Europe I was measured with altered tape

from metric to imperial and back again

pound, ounce, yard, foot, gallon, pint, inch

the mile ached over the acre and what

of the hector?

without metric equivalent, the renegades

convicted of offenses under Weights & Measures law

Metric Martyrs for a new century

disputed from afar (how far?)

here my feet are two sizes bigger

no bras for narrow backs exist in

the American Mid-West

in Malaysia my hair is blonde

in Japan they bleach out freckles

in Denmark I’m a short brunette

at night you look like a hallelujah

surrounded in magnolias

your beautiful cider heat

testifies truth

years are not weightless

sorrow heaviest

joy profits as clouds open


your own measurement


55 thoughts on “Measure

  1. Anorexia, and other body image disorders break my heart. Beauty is so much and as much in the soul and mind β€” and it is gut wrenching when a beautiful soul can not see it’s own beauty and value. I have been guilty many times of overvaluing the physical and missing the beauty of the spirit and mind. Truly, if I could take the pain of every soul so burdened so they could live peacefully with themselves, I would. I swear I would.

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    1. Training in dance I saw a lot of people with some kind of body-dysmorphia and it strikes me because it’s a societal-illness exacerbated by the media and our own loathing. I like writing about it and the concept of beauty because as a society we’re way off the mark. Men are hard-wired to over-value physical attributes, I see it every time a 17 year old girl in shorts comes into a Starbucks and all the middle-aged pot-bellied men lear, I feel like wearing a t-shirt that says ‘get a life’ but that would be mean wouldn’t it? πŸ˜‰

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      1. πŸ™‚ i’m pretty old. I”m glad I can make you laugh. Such supreme power comes with supreme responsibility. Next time I’ll don my spider-man cowl.


    1. Plus you said it with the word ‘affluent’ we have so much and yet we want more and believe ourselves deserving. I know you are a politic-free zone so I will say the last bit in code (I hopest thee electione fareth wellst!)


      1. I don’t mind political comments as long as they run in the same direction as mine πŸ™‚ It’s God-free that I insist upon. The election is still all in the balance. Le Pire could still be elected through apathy and a refusal to vote for Le Moins Pire.

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  2. I have been contemplating the relativity of what many consider to be “beautiful”. What if we thought of beauty in terms of the warmth and sensuality of skin, fragrance, and the kind tone of a lyrical voice? This poem is amazing and one I will return to often. Thank you, Candice.

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  3. Such a gut wrenching piece Feathers…men don’t have a monopoly on misogyny, we attack each other, judge and compete. It’s heartbreaking. ❀

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      1. Agreed. In the last twenty years the only people who have hurt me have been other women, kinda tells you something as a feminist doesn’t it? I have learned that women can cut other women to the quick far worse than any man. Really telling. The only solution is to stand together not against one another.

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      2. Yes…I am referring to the political climate now, it is anti-woman, so harsh, we need to advocate for ourselves and minorities that are being harmed. Getting off my soapbox now! πŸ™‚

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      3. Trump is anti-woman though I think Obama was a bit sexist, the vestage of his experiences I think they all are (Clinton et al) which is the reason women need to claim some of the political voice and power but just look at what they did to Wendy Davis when a woman actually did that? sigh. I definitely agree and stay ON your soap box not enough people care!

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  4. This is intriguing… I think a lot
    about misogyny…am I misogynistic? I didn’t think so but do I objectify women, I am very into aesthetics which is obviously about the beautiful. Only the marvellous is beautiful as Breton said and women to me are a mystery to me and therefore marvellous. But I suppose this could be construed as misogynistic as it de-realises very real women. Hmmm maybe I need to do some soul searching.

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  5. This one got me. As a yoyo dieter all my life, my mental health in intricately wrapped up in my self image (stupid I know, especially for someone with an understanding of psychology). It pisses me off that society is SO ruled by measurements that I succumb to the norm and make myself feel terrible for not being a size 4. Thanks for the perspective 😊


  6. Very poignant. I love how you brought in the example from all over the world. Though I do not know much of poetry, I really liked how it felt like it ‘built up’ then sort of crashed and calmed with the ending message. Lovely!


  7. MeaSure MakeXpectations
    BEat limITaTioNs and
    uP.. for those
    wHo travEL fartHeR
    thAn SeeN
    noW or
    thaN longeR
    or whateVerS waYS
    NoW DoEs GroW OR ShriNK..
    iT’s thE insIDes thaT coUnT NoW
    ouT when the flesh hiTs the mattRess
    And NoW
    cOMe FRuiTioN isReAL..
    moRe Than meaSuRE ‘ForE..
    Other than thaT2..
    Hi.. Candice.. STiLL2
    trying now how to get
    Notifications for yoUr
    Blog as tiMe sure gETs
    aWay wHen thAT neVer exisTs now By,.:)


      1. SMiLes my FriEnd..
        i wish i knew why i wasn’t
        getting your posts.. but it could
        have something to do with how similar
        this blog name is to the other one if i am
        guessing correct that it has something to do
        with who the Algorithm sorts
        through what is or
        is not shared
        in terms
        of spam
        and stuff like
        that.. perhaps the
        Word Press team could
        help.. but they usually help
        better i understand if someone pays
        for a Premium way.. of Word Press too..
        but other than that i get Facebook Memories
        of our Discussions past
        and like an
        Oven timer
        i come
        and catch up.. so..
        there is always a work
        around it seems no matter
        how long it takes to get back..
        alWays worth it mY FriEnd staYinG
        iN the Flow of Creativity as RiverS anD
        Ocean wHOle STuFF shorEs even more..
        hmm.. i make some folks
        happy but it’s
        also true
        that the
        more closed
        minded folks.. including
        so-called Family Friends
        have FB de-friended me basically
        for the reason of religion and how ironic that is…
        considering.. even turn the other cheek and love your
        enemy.. just an underwear photo for fun can scare the
        out of
        literAlly so..
        as i expose the
        Hypocrisy far and narrow
        ass that’s the way the human story
        goeS and growS in LiGht and DArk.. mY FriEnd..:)

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      2. Yes.. WP sTiLL
        going whacky..
        my Notifications
        just froze up for
        the second
        in a week..
        it took an update
        by Word Press to fix
        it a few days ago.. a little
        bit of a pain but Email Notifications
        sTiLL worKing to guide me back to

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  8. HeHe.. and Candice.. your comment
    above about the Middle Aged Pot
    Bellied Men… LeaRinG at the 17
    year old girls in their shortie shorts
    when they come into StarBucks
    made me giggle..
    i lOOk
    but not at shorts..
    iT’s what mAMmals do.. suRe..
    And bEhind my sHades.. i NoW too..
    Catch Women oF aLL ages LeaRinG
    aT mY Legs.. every wHeRe i go in Public..
    approaching age 57 oN A DEViL’s
    style NoW 6660
    ’cause ‘they’ move..
    and ‘them’ too.. tHeRe is
    morE to forM as esSenCe..
    And A FloWer says more than
    WorD NoW
    NamED NoW
    iNFiNiTy NoW..
    ProbAbly.. the
    reAson i don’t
    lear is i don’t do Caffeine..

    SuRe.. BlaMe
    thE CoFFee..;)


    1. If I were YOU I wouldn’t need to look at them because I’d have a gorgeous wife and yes I think I saw a pic of her in shorts. You’re not the type. You are filled with energy and light. You know how to love. You are not always yearning for the next buzz. You are the real good kind. That’s why she loves you, it’s deserved and beautiful just like her and you together. You are an entirely different animal to THOSE and mind you are neither old nor pot bellied this I know!

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      1. SMiLes.. mY FriEnd as
        i may have noted beFoRE
        in our Conversations i am
        Diagnosed With Bi-Polar
        not other wise specified
        as i tend not to
        even fit
        of so-called
        labels.. And yes..
        with the intense focus
        on one thing like writing 12
        million words total online since
        2010.. talking a whole lot about some
        Kind of God even if that God equates to
        Nature plUs way out of old timey books..
        And.. of course.. spending 66 months
        in Hell in the bottom floors
        oF Dante Bi-Polar ways..
        i Have enough love
        to control lust
        and being
        close to
        57 years old
        and being married
        to someone as beautiful
        as my wife has kept me all out
        of the headaches of potential uncontrolled
        lust.. however.. i understand how powerful the
        actual FeeLinG and SenSinG oF LuSt can GroW
        as iT IS A Neuro-Chemical and Neuro-Hormone
        reaLity of the BeASt we are as BeinG hUman
        and Mileage varies from soft most
        of the time to bore on hard
        core as you know
        what i mean..
        thing is
        Do you FeeL
        whAt i mean in Libido
        BeYonD RAinBoW Colors
        Shooting aCross the Moon
        without a Drop.. It’s LiterAlly True..
        it’s Harder for some folks not to look than
        it is for other folks like me to not look now.. no matter
        HoW HiGh the SuN LiVes boRE HaRd iNside.. even More..
        THeRe is an EntiRE UniVerSE of LuSt and LoVe and no doubt
        FoLks on the Bi-Polar spectrum have eXploReD all ends of ThAT
        Place and all around more than most folks.. so.. in other words.. i have
        a great deal of sympathy and empathy for those who have difficulty controlling
        their looks and more than that.. as it is both an innate issue and an environmental
        continuing issue as Lust can be none or a ticking time bomb of destruction now too..
        in even
        sex addiction
        ways too.. although
        i conquer that poTenTiaL
        Monster with eases these days..
        Advancing Age and A Beautiful Wife
        does hELp but mostly the experience of Love
        my FriEnd.. LuSt is GreaT but Love is better when iSreal..
        and for those folks with hiGh OcTAne LusT and LiTtle Love there
        are few
        not to
        at least.. my FriEnd..
        and sadly.. yes.. to lear
        even unashamedly so as
        folks are looking.. and it’s true
        both myself and my wife are
        products of requited
        Bore oN HaRd
        lust somewhere
        done the
        Line as we all are
        my FriEnd.. Her Mother
        And a Pacific Islander Sailor
        off a boat.. My Catholic Priest 36
        year old Grandfather and a 17 year old
        Cajun Girl out of Priestly Parish Pews.. if not for
        Long Hard Looks few of us would be here for the value
        of luSt.. LoVe and LiFE no matter how we got here is StiLL HoW we Be..
        on the other hand.. considering my Facebook Page goes by my Wife’s
        name Katrina in variation of Katie Mia name shared.. whenever i get a
        Facebook Request that says Hi Gorgeous or Hi Beautiful when her Face
        is uP.. it makes my sKin Crawl and reminds me of all the White Middle Aged
        Law Enforcement LooKing Martial Arts Privilege i have in 1020 LB Leg Pressing
        Ass Kicking Potential too.. when i walk the Bar Parking Lot nights lone and fearless..
        ain’t easy
        a Woman..
        never has been..
        never will be for
        we humans
        animals and some
        of us don’t have control of our Beast..
        juST a FaCt and not much room for Alternative ones..
        but never the less.. i alWays try to understand why.. why why why..:)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I think it’s good to search for meaning it’s also good to know how judged people can be by mental illness that’s why I stand here to shine a light on this and help people in whatever way I can by letting people know how wrong it is to judge others for mental illness they have the SAME value as anyone else. Hugs You are right it’s not easy being a woman but it’s not easy being human ! xo

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      3. Heck my friend I think you do ‘being human’ exceptionally well! I totally admire and like you – so you are doing something very right (plus you have a gorgeous wife who adores you … hello!!! You got it made!) xoxoxoxoxxoo

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  9. This speaks to me on such a high level. I’m overweight, yet all my life I’ve been tiny. When I look in the mirror at myself I see an elephant standing there dressed. I know I’m not disgusting, but I feel it.
    My daughter Rowan is the tiniest young lady I e ever seen. I cringe when someone walks up to her at a BBQ or what not and tells her to eat another plate. Fuck you asshole. She was born this way. She’s gorgeous and you’re making her feel ashamed. Ashamed for just being who she is. Would someone really walk up to a fat person at a BBQ and tell them to stop eating? I never realized how idiotic even the smartest people can be.


    1. I am so certain you are not disgusting at all in any way but I am sure that feeling that way is an awful and very hard feeling I would not wish upon anyone but many people have felt. You are not alone. It is so wrong that people rush to judge – they never should – without knowing what it feels like to stand in anothers shoes. I agree with everything you say. The words people use can DESTROY a person and who has the right to do that? You are so right. AMEN to that my friend.

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