thHere’s to you, a sterile woman

for your children will not

inherit the earth

whilst underneath your sweating arms

tired with empty burdens

you hold up the belief

less is more and more

is not always best

if that ruffles a few feathers

puts a nose out of joint

causes a skirmish

so be it

you will stand

among the tall old men with their placards

of ‘don’t kill babies’ and headless dolls

throwing fake blood at women

who enter the sanctum

you will stand and spread

your merciful wings

shining they stretch

to cover even the fearful

do not be afraid you say

I will see you safe

murderers! murderers!

the tall old men shout

rattling their signs and faux uterus

rot in hell!

the words of a good Christian

spat on her dress a glob of hate

you feel nothing no damage

you are the light who guides

these women have decided

and it is their right

not an easy choice

but one they alone should make

not governments or men

with signs and garish photographs

of bloody murder as they proclaim

swearing hate with

bible in one shaking hand

where lies

their mercy?


she sits here

in a quiet kitchen

without children underfoot




and is still

and is yet


to protect the ones who can


as she cannot

for her womb

is absent and if they knew

the haters would


this is God’s doing

you deserve to be barren

damn you

such is the gentle heart

of a believer


Many women I encounter say they would never have an abortion because of their personal beliefs but equally they would never take away the option for someone else. That is what this is all about. Choice. Personally I have noticed  a shift toward restricting/banning abortion, swings-and-roundabouts, in 20 more years it’s going to shift the other way. Point being, abortion is never ideal, but the right to make a choice is an ideal worth striving for, worrying that this is being ignored. When you search for pro-choice online there is not as much as pro-life, giving the impression we’re shifting radically. I’d say it’s more the vehemence of extremists scaring others to speak out, thus I speak out, as a woman who cannot have children and would love to, but believes others need to make their own choices about their own bodies. Will be interesting how many followers I lose by the days end. And that’s okay.

106 thoughts on “Choice

  1. Well I am thinking of Lermontov’s speech to Vicky… be a little housewife with a bunch of screaming children. When I was born there were 3 billion in the world now we are cresting 8. Now I added to that sum in my small way but I feel overcrowded. You will never lose me Feather

  2. I have only just read this, being relatively new to the blogging world.
    I, mother of two beautiful girls, was always adamant I would never have a termination. Although a Christian, it was not my reason, just that I could never see there being a reason that I would not give a child a chance at life. Until I was in a situation where I had to make that decision of course. In the midst of a life changing “drama”, a woman has to decide what is best for herself, and also, the unborn baby.
    The medication I am now on, should I have chosen to go through with the pregnancy, would have affected the child. Had I not continued the medication but continued with the pregnancy, I could have caused the death of myself and the child in the process whilst also leaving my two daughters without a mother. So I had to make a decision that has plagued me, even though I still stand by my decision to abort that pregnancy. I did not tell ANYONE this. Not even the father of the child. He knew I was pregnant and was in as much of a quandry as I. Only a few people close to me knew of the situation, and I told them all that I had miscarried. Even my partner. Isn’t it sad that, despite genuine reasons for this pregnancy not to continue, I felt so ashamed? My mental health deteriorated quickly after that and I had to admit to the people that knew, I hadn’t miscarried. It was a choice. One I didn’t want to make, but then what woman would CHOOSE to be in the situation of putting herself through that just for the sake of it?!
    Thank you for posting this…. xx

  3. That’s a terribly difficult impossible situation and i admire you for sharing your experience. You’re so right. It’s unfair and wrong we’re ever embarrassed afraid or ashamed but it is how it is, and so hard. I really hipe you know you did nothing to ever be ashamed of ever, I personally believe in choice but I also belief in the rights of women to do whatever they need for their health and body. Your story is especially challenging because for some it is less prohibative, and yet I admire those who do what they must although truthfully you had no real choice. You put security and love of your family first, you couldn’t risk that being lost, I would have made the same choice but it must have still been very, very hard. I truly appreciate you sharing your experience and hope very much you never condemn yourself ever♡♡♡

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