Shine on


It is not

ficklety of cat

rubbing leg in faux earnest


those clamored souls with

wine soaked language rolling ebullient

reefer in sardonic prose

It is not

deftness of entreaty wound around

stocking nor thickness of honey consumed bread

turning truth to sticky fingers

pinching air in thought

naming the stars

underneath canvas where tents

suspend redolent arias and

forest creatures lament

shrill bleat of humanities

persisting encroachment

though you

rising from steamy bath

ruddier by your delve

bright as a regained penny

shining like evening pearl


silver limbed and black of eye

rival the moon at her dearest rise


are velvet lament beneath air

a song of shivering moments

burning like freed embers

from dazzling height

you diminish never

you shine on

spreading your

arms into

hungry night


22 thoughts on “Shine on

  1. “Wine soaked language……,” Many times I would sit quietly and just observe and listen to people, as the night wore on, had absolutely no idea what they were even talking about. Life on the train in the pic would be better than listening to ego inflated assholes go on and on and on

  2. Ha you speak my words. I agree (surprisingly! ha ha!) too often ego inflated people dominate and it’s disheartening at times to see the disparity between those who do not believe enough in themselves and those who believe WAY too much in themselves! I often admire a person who doesn’t have much self-confidence, and tries, and I also admire those who really succeed in doing something despite struggling to believe in themselves. It is harder to admire those who are over confident, though obviously confidence is a useful trait, it can be too little or too much and hard to get ‘just right’

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