Mental Health Month Day Five

With the gravity of Mental Illness in all human societies across the world, I’m devoting a lot of social media presence to garnering awareness of this often lethal disease. Please support this, forward any information you find useful and educate others by reading and sharing our posts to all those who remain ignorant of this awful disease in a community effort to end the stigma and shame.

Happy Cinco de mayo !



30 thoughts on “Mental Health Month Day Five

  1. Mental health is so important.. And many do not understand the impact of both the sufferer and the family..
    Sending Love and thanks for you compassion dear Candice.. ❤

  2. Thank you. On my blog I will, every now and then write about my walk of faith which happens to include severe clinical recurring depression and anxiety. Often times, the ” least among us” suffer from mental illness. Sadly, many people with mental illness are incarcerated. Treatment in prison is minimal. Then, when a person with mental illness is released, the cycle starts again. We are now witnessing a trend of people streaming their suicide, as it happens on social media. We also see an extremely high suicide rate among our men and women who served and are serving in the military. Please guide people to professional help and encourage them to seek and and stay in treatment. I also ask our pastors of all denominations to speak about this from the pulpit. Every church, based on statistics will have families struggling with this medically recognized disease.

  3. Beautiful you are doing a great thing. This is important and your gravatar is perfect by the way. As someone who has family members with mental illness I appreciate this post

  4. Thank you so much that really means a lot. I feel very, very strongly about it, so glad you do too. I agree, ‘lethal’ is a strong word but it’s applicable.

  5. So true my lovely friend, you are a very compassionate woman I could tell that immediately when we first talked and that is one reason so many of us love you. HUGS thank you dear dream walker girl

  6. Aww sweet of you to say, and just so you know aside from reading your post I also like your gravatar pics they seem to always say something just as your words and I mean that in a good way.

  7. I’ve been reading your posts on Facebook and thank you! They are great ❤

  8. Unfortunately mental problems are seen as stigmas and most don’t even think it is a thing until it is too late. Great that you bring this up my dear friend

  9. Beautiful Tsuki san xo Thank you so much my lovely friend you are so right in what you say. I’m really glad this was the right choice to bring it up. xoxo

  10. I loved the one today about friendship! So important and true for me. I appreciate you too ❤

  11. Oh my heart! The feeling is mutual, you ALWAYS make me feel loved and happy. I’m hoping for the day when I can take off my anonymity and speak my truth without hiding. You inspire me to reach for that ❤

  12. Any information that destigmatises mental health is good. Unfortunately it is still not well understood. Just because there are no physical signs of ill-health does not make it any less serious a condition.

  13. So do I. I do support you. Remember this, if we stand together, we stand stronger. You teach me and lift me up, I do the same, it’s part of the weave of womanhood.

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