Electric eyes

She has electric eyes

seem like when she laughs, she cries

when she’s sad she’s full of hope

when she’s lost she’s found the right way to go

her dreams are written on scraps of paper

keeping her warm at night

she’s someone you shouldn’t underestimate

she has electric eyes

when it rains they’re gray

when sun’s out they turn vivid green

when she feels passion they’re multicolored

with the intensity of her unlocking emotions

eyes are windows to the soul

nobody knows how long they have on earth

it’s hard to let go

but she’s brave in her pain

she’s a risk-taker in love

taking chances with her heart

the fragile are warriors

so don’t let her down

don’t rip her apart

she’s the one who silences emptiness

she’s in the recesses of your thoughts

you can’t forget her if you tried

she has electric eyes


48 thoughts on “Electric eyes

  1. She has the power to look right through you- and beyond this earth alone. You can never forget some one especially when the heart has been closed by pain…… Her eyes are the door way to your heart- upset her and you will notice the eyes penetrate your soul. Her emotions reflect in to your very being -by the eyes of green in sun shine. Never lost- always moving forward with hope and desire and passion. Look in to her eyes and your soul will catch on fire. But do not mess with her !! When she speaks to you- look at what she sais to you with her electric eyes…….. Thank you !!!!!

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  2. I am sincerely humbled and touched by your comment. Means so much coming from you !! Not many people can bring a tear to my eye and my heart- you certainly can -and do……. What a beautiful comment to have received this night….. You have healed a wound within me- and I am so thankful….. Bless you dearest friend….xx

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  3. This piece reminds me of the Beatles “Carnival of Light.” A 14 minute Beatles song that Paul McCarthy has trying to release for 50 years, but which has been denied by George Harrison and his subsequent estate. Paul holds the original “master tapes.” I heard it in London. It would change everything that people think about the Beatles. Cheers. Perception is fragile. It can change over night.


  4. ” The fragile are warriors “. So much in those wonderfully written 4 words! The fragile are often just cast aside without anyone ever taking the time to know them or their potential. They often face battles alone because of this. Beautifully written! Thank you for taking us on your journey and being a voice for those who are seldom heard!

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  5. You know we should collaborate on something? I mean I adore your work and you like mine, it’s inevitable! I don’t know if we can, I find collaboration hard but not impossible, if you are interested then let’s do it!

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  6. There are so many fragile among us! Many fighting daily personal battles. Prior to the death of my brother and nephew, I spent many hours visiting nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Those fragile souls fight many daily battles alone. It seems odd at first but the fragile, when looked at from this perspective are some of the strongest among us. The fragile are often alone. Facing each day alone takes a tremendous amount of strength. Thank you for being a voice for those who may never be heard ! You, as their voice are a wonderful and strong advocate!

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    1. Thank you my friend! You have lived a good life, thus far and have plenty more ahead, and with all your struggles you continue to be one of the best people I know in terms of the size of your heart and compassion. That is no small thing. It is noticed. I really hope you find a way through the pastoral counselor program as I think you would be so awesome at that


  7. she’s the one who silences emptiness
    she’s in the recesses of your thoughts
    you can’t forget her if you tried”

    A better description for my Muse..I don’t think there is one. *sigh*

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      1. I told her (and I wasn’t even joking) she ought to post a photo of what she’s wearing every day, she rightly reminded me that this could be a bit narccissistic and I suppose it could be (though not from her, and not for us!) ha ha! 😉 Soon it will be the next season of GoT so we GOT to get ready!

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