The kneeling girl

hijacked amygdala

32785297214_533e5134f9_kThough only 29 she had the eyes of someone who had been

staring at walls too long on her knees

her pupils, dark as they were

glazed over with loss of expectation no longer reflected

I wore the skins of effort, and the boots of climb, in my hands I carried keys

how can you have given up already? My inner query voiced

you can learn very soon and very young that there is nothing. Her dark eyes reflected in response

I wanted to gather her up and save her

I was after all, the one who tried to save people, it was the only thing I knew to do

and I couldn’t even save myself

the pockets of my dress, opened outward and everything I claimed

fell behind me like voices caught in a well

I knew they would accuse me of exploitation, “You only saved her because she…

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4 thoughts on “The kneeling girl

  1. What a heart touching and again soul searching piece. So much to meditate on here in terms of personal and communal responsibility. There are those who judge people who try to save people. It is best to leave the judges ponder among themselves in their self delusion of wisdom. We who can, at least must try. If we try and fail, at least our conscience leaves cleanly. Until we find the next one in need. Beautifully written with such compassion. Thank you!

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