From this day forth

I’ll be careful. Today someone I’ve read and followed 2 years on WP sent me the ugliest response. I had written on their page “well done posting about the kidnapped girls being released who were returned home I wish more was said in the media as they ignore it but at least some of us care, glad you do.” They wrote back ” I didn’t see you posting about them so it’s stupid you say that, don’t speak, act.” Then they said ” and stop lying you troll I’m not your friend.”

I was being genuine and appreciative and friendly. Sorry if calling someone a “friend” and saying good post leads to character assassination. For the record I DO tell the truth, and i DO ACT.
Sick of assholes whose mission is to put good people down. From hence forth I’m being less friendly, less honest and won’t dare call anyone a friend. Yes i know the difference between an online friend and a IRL friend, sonetimes people can be both, sonetimes just an acqaintance. Too many truly shirty souls out there. FUCK this.


108 thoughts on “From this day forth

    1. Dear Lyn, thank you very much for your kind and much appreciated support. I endeavor never to let others prevent me from talking about things I feel matter to us all, though at times it can be challenging as I’m not tough enough. Thank you!

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  1. You know what Candice? Fuck them! Fuck the stupid assholes – they are not worth your time and attention if they can’t take a friendly word with a smile and a thanks, like sane people. I’m sick and tired of those pompous fuckwits who assume shit and think they are the only ones “making a difference” – let them rot in their self-centred holes

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    1. Thank you Purple Girl I was more angry at being upset at all about it, I wished I could flick it off like the bullshit it was, but you know me! I’m with you I really am sick of it though, seems worse-and-worse and the more you are genuine the more it happens. The trick I suppose is NOT to change because then the whole world will turn grey. Fortunately there are still truth-tellers out there who appreciate their bretheren. xo (thank you Manon) xo


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